October 30th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

ok..   2nd entry of the day..

We have a winner in the office.   a classic idiot..  i dunno if he’s an idiot.. or if he’s handicapped..   this guy thinking that he is the world’s smartest person just so happens to manage to wipe out access to additional space to our hard drives..   let me start with a mini tutorial to explain the situation a bit better..

we have something know as LVM on AIX..  the beauty LVM is that you can grow disk space on the fly without rebooting.   once you grow it.. you cannot shrink it.. as growing is in essence fixing the limit to a higher threshold..  this threshold is now the new limit.  

ok..   the winner on my team..  he goes and grows the filesystem to 6GB..   not a prob..  the problem is .. he leaves me with number.. because he needed 6GB to read 1.7GB of something that he did not understand that would eventually be read by me.  He goes..  oh..   i am sorry..   I said..   sorry doesn’t cut the pizza….  and then he goes.. isn’t that how AIX works??  and I said “you’ve been here longer than me..  are you kidding me?”  he said i did not know AIX..  I said “you don’t know how to make sense.”   I am so serious.. we should seriously consider firing him and hire a monkey in his place..   I mean..  with a monkey..  on probability will get the right answer 50% of the time..  but with this guy..  he wants to be smart..  but he is so thick.. that he’ll get things wrong everytime..  I really don’t know how he gets home from work..   I am convinced the guy will get lost.

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  • sam, maybe he gets the monkey to drive him home

  • chesa..   i am serious this guy in a previous life was a pile of dirt..   this guy doesn’t know anything.. i am surprised he knows his own name sometimes..   I feel like i have to ask him 3 times before he understands that i just want him to say his name. 

  • Good God Sam! you’re no Mother Teresa … I dub thee Ignatius Loyola.

  • perze..   you mean you just realised that I have zero tolerance for stupid people. =)  I just had a chat with him this morning..   seems to be he messed up again.  i was expecting a clown to jump out and say i was on candid camera.

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