my birthday

March 26th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

…a milestone.. my 25th birthday…

thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings yesterday.. i was quite touched at everyone calling .. and jake gave me a good laugh with his inquisitiveness.. sorry to lei/perze who i didn’t get to call back.. but i got your messages.. thanks.. we ended up going to nyc , walked around times square, had dim sum/lunch at chinatown, did a little shopping at the shops, had tenren’s honeydew bubble tea.. and then back to danbury for dinner at red lobster’s..

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  • belated happy 25th birthday steph!! may you have many, many more. God Bless!!!

  • thanks kristine.. so how is being 25?

  • daz okai tepan!

  • hi steph .. hmm being 25 its okay, means you are getting older and a little bit wiser (i hope that’s true .. hehehe) you are halfway thru your twenty something years .. ahh scary thought isn’t it! i think iam having the most fun when i reached my 20 ish something age.

  • wow. sounds like a great day. i’m telling dad.

  • kristine.. i completely understand what you mean.. i think i liked being 22 best..

    chesa.. still reverting to blackmail, eh?¬† at least i have more control than to run after you these days..¬†anyway, i told dad already.. he asked what i did cause i wasn’t home all day.. he said he kept trying to call me to say happy birthday.. i thought that was sweet..

  • awe….. oops chesa, i’m telling dad!!!

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