October 31st, 2002   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

ok.. ok..  I am a little calmer than I was yesterday..    my goodness.. that co-worker irks me.

i have been meaning to post this for a long time.. but i have been constantly interrupted by the yahoos at work.

on monday..   i took a short walk (to get some exercise in)..  i hear this whizzing noise..  like engines…   and without fail..  two people about my age were racing their RC cars..   and since I am into RC stuff .. and I am looking to building my own RC helicopter..  i wanted to check this out.. and watch them.. maybe ask them some questions.   well..   as soon as I watched about 2 seconds of the race..  the boys noticed me there.. and stopped their engines and picked up the cars and sort of looked at me..  I was thinking..  am I in the way??  I was standing on the grass..   w hat does that tell you??  they don’t want me to watch??    as i walk away.. as soon as I turn my back..  i here the whizzing of the cars again..   i was dumbfounded.  

now i have to make this helicopter ..  i am going to chase these cars with it.. and like in the movie “You only live twice..”  the scene where the helicopter picks up the car and dumps it?   that’s what i will do.

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  • they are mean sam. go get them RC’s with live ammo … that should teach them ….

    i am sam, sam i am
    if you will not let me play RC
    i will make you eat
    green eggs and ham

  • perze..  its already in the plans.. =)    i have picked the helicopter…  and just have to get it to carry what i need to fire off. =)

  • guys, play nice. perze, don’t “play” at all…

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