November 2nd, 2002   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

hi everyone..  i am currently having an online chat with a Bell Canada rep..   she is trying to sell me the ExpressVU satelite tv system..     i am just inquiring about it..  but unfortunately.. these service reps know nothing about quality in picture..  and stuff.

i think i am better  off saving this money.. and investing it towards my helicopter building. =)

i just need plans now..   i think the shell is the most difficult part to figure out.. as i need a lathe or some sort of tool to make the chassis.

oh well..  ok..  the girl replied..   lets see what she says now about Bell’s Long Distance phone plan. =)

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  • sam.. you need to find a new hobby so you like yelling at representatives, eh? they probably have your name on some list.. person not to call for “courtesy calls” or you were probably used for “how to handle tough customers”.. aww.. aren’t you special?

  • =)  yes..   steph..   i was nice to this person this time..   though they did not answer my questions..  i kept my patience.. =)

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