November 5th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

morning..  its tuesday..   and nothing much has been happening..    well..  my niece came into my room and saw a loppy pop .. and insisted to have it..  she then gave it to me..  asking me to take the wrapper off so she can have it..  she was very excited..  so i just took her downstairs to be with my mom..  she then saw chocolates on the table..  and wanted that.. =)   its tough to hide candy when halloween just passed.  My niece was wearing this long coat today..  and did not comb her hair again..  and it was all over the place..   she then watches you brush your teeth.   after i was done though..  she grabbed my hand and said she wanted to see Star Wars again..  its Darth Maul’s eyes that she loves..   which is strange because she is scared of Spider-man’s eyes ..   but loves the Green Goblin’s eyes.

Back to work..   I have to look for work in the US..   so far..  i have been coming up empty…  just need to be patient and pray hard ..  and God will provide His answer.

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  • sam, you should blog about this girl more often, she’s got such an awesome personality. either that or you have a great knack for displacing your own inventions on a little kid…. ahhahah

  • actually, she really does love that episode I scene w/darth maul.. she watched it like 3 times in one sitting when i was there.. she’d get bored when it was the other scenes and start to leave.. and then when she saw darth maul, she’d get back on the sofa and watch..

  • Yes..  amelia enjoys star wars a lot..   episode II is coming out on dvd..   she’ll probably watch it.. but since Dooku is not as scary looking at Maul..  i think she’d be bored quick.

  • but you have to love the yoda scene he’s like a green bouncing ball..

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