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May 7th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…finally a new job.. bye bye accounting…

just wanted to share an answered prayer.. as some of you know, my desk is moving to a new dept and will be handled by a new person so i’ve been looking for my next position.. so on monday, i went on my second interview with the dept i wanted to join and they’re offering me a position.. so i will be working out of the southbury, ct ibm office starting the beginning/mid july.. it’s still part of the accounting organization but it will be dealing with the financial systems so i’m really excited about the opportunity.. although i’ll have to start [somewhat] from scratch, i think it will be a great learning experience for me..

so i have about 2 months left in my current position and i will have to start training my replacement next month.. it’s not really giving me motivation to work but it’s nice knowing i only have 2 closes left after this month.. and only 5 more workdays this month.. yey 🙂 hopefully all will go smoothly..

anyway, back to work.. we’re having cake for a coworker’s bday at 2:30 and then i have a meeting 3-3:30 so gotta get some work done if i want to leave by my [targeted] departure time of 6pm..

see you all this weekend for mother’s day..

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  • hope this one’s better for you te. no going home late anymore??

  • hey chesa.. not sure about the lateness.. the 2nd line manager told me it would be less hours than what i currently work.. but at least it’s not like my monthly closes.. but overtime is always expected.. just depends.. but it will be a somewhat closer commute.. and against traffic.. so all good..

  • well a new job is always a good way to gain new experiences. congrats!!! hope you will enjoy your new work.

  • hi steph…i hope you like this new position better than the one you have now.    thanks for calling today…aw i haven’t talked to u in a long time.  i’ll see you this weekend…

  • i like the one in Pougkepsie or somewhere here in New Jersey, but what everr makes you happy- selfish you- but still love ya eh.

  • thanks everyone.. i think this will a good learning opportunity and will help me get into IT someday

    rog.. poughkeepsie would be 45mins from my apt.. look who’s talking selfish.. and there was nothing in nj.. but we’ll see in the future.. i hope to be closer someday..

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