November 7th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

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ok folks..  am I wearing a kick me sign?!?!    This is horrible..   yesterday for my nightly walk..   i hear this whizzing noise..  and I was thinking..  oh no..   not that radio control car people..   and yes.. it was them..   i said to myself..  maybe the last time was just an accident..  and they did not noticed me..  so i went over to have a looks..   and my goodness..  they did the same thing again!!!  they stopped the RC car just as I was watching..   what’s the deal??   I was even dressed in my cool clothes!   I mean.. I looked cool..  sort of in between a Don Johnson and Bruce Springsteen look..   c’mon folks..  what am I doing wrong?

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  • maybe because they have relatives who are customer reps and have heard of your notariety sam.

    poor sam.

  • maybe you should stop wearing that kick me shirt my sister gave you last christmas…

  • poor sam.. don’t worry.. when you get your apache helicopter, you can chase their cars from a distance and they won’t even see you coming

  • perze..  i’ve never thought of it that way..  maybe those dudes are customers. =)

    chesa..  stop wearing shirts your sister gives me..  yes..  that’s like a ticket for a free beating.  you’ve obviously have never dated someone like your sister..  huh?!?  who said that?!

    steph…  yes..  once i get the apache model done..  you know its pay back. =)

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