June 25th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   1 Comment

…congratulations, kris.. good job…

recap of yesterday’s events.. i was awakened early [for me] to go cherry picking.. it’s a yearly activity my mom loves to do so we all went, climbed some trees, and an hour later, came home w/a huge box of cherries.. in the afternoon, did a little shopping w/chesa and then it was time to get kris ready for her graduation..

when we got to graduation, there was a whole drama as to who was allowed in.. and chesa and perze had to perform some maneuvering to get inside.. it was a long ceremony.. the speeches could have been better.. but it was a special day.. my baby sister graduated.. 🙂 my parents [dad] yelled “that’s my daughter” when they had the magna cum laude stand.. and a man looked over at him and smiled.. i guess actions like that are very expected at such events.. but it’s very sweet to see parents who are so proud of their children..

so the last of us four is now out of hs and off to college.. it’s weird how time flies so quickly.. i still remember kris when she was little.. her little visits to dexter’s house, chasing squirrels at the park, twirling around in her ballerina outfit, and the way she used to twist the pronounciation of words.. and now she’s off to school.. i worry for her a little.. but i’m sure she’ll be fine.. it’s a great time for growth and opportunity.. so good luck little sister.. and happy graduation..

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  • congrats! i heard you got engaged…gb

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