November 8th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

Friday is here.. and yes..  i have to work tomorrow..  so ..  not much of a weekend to do anything..   i will have to get some shopping done..   since I am going to be in the US for more work..  I am going to smuggle some of the famous Canadian junk food across the border.

well..  finally..  after 6 months..  the customer that i have been dealing with finally opened their eyes.. and used their heads and realised that they have been doing the wrong thing for the last six years and it was just by chance that they had it working..  6 years without a serious failure.. that’s a pretty stable environment.

so all my dialog about being bugs bunny with the customer did not go to waste..   the customer will be facing the music now..  either spend more money to train the admins on the product i have been pushing..  or run the risk of losing more downtime due to their hokey scripts.

so get this..  the last question they asked me was..  “could I be bugs bunny instead?  and you can be the tweety bird?”    I said.. “i am done with this charade..  we’re no longer discussing looney toons..”  the customer said.. “Aww..  but this was the most fun i had in the 6 months that this problem occurred.”  I said .. “but you cannot be bugs bunny if you think with the thing three feet from the ground.”  and the customer was like “Huh?!”  and I said “uh huh..”  and he was like.”ohh”  and I was like.. “yes.” 

so it looks like ..  finally we got this guy to be quiet.  no more stupid questions like..  “how can i stop my application from running when it is not running?”   or .. “what happens when i lose power?”   or the best one i heard to date from these guys..  “you mean I was looking at the back of the computer??”

so ..  i will post tomorrow on the wonderful day at work..   once i am done.. maybe i should look for stuff to print out..  i will be there by myself..  with a very big printer to print stuff..  wonder if it would be wrong to print resumes and job applications to competitors..  =)

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  • have fun at work and have a great weekend!

  • hi sam 🙂

  • hahaha.. looney tunes?… that customer’s funny…

  • leila..   fun at work?!?   I dunno about that..  its interesting.. but not fun. =)

    chelle..  =)   what’s up?

    sarena..  yes..   this customer is definitely over the top..   i spent the last 5 months just listen to them ask the same question over and over and over again.

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