November 10th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   14 Comments

oh no..   I just got a call from Steph.. and I brushed her off because I am waiting on a call from my team lead. =(   and now Steph feels sad. =(    sorry steph..  i miss you.

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  • i miss you too sam.

  • aw me too sam…come baaaaaaack

  • quiet ladies..   I am an one woman man.   doesn’t count out men though..  whoa..   who said that??!   and who’s using my xanga account??  you think preimum would prevent this?

  • as i read michelle’s comment…i kinda want to hear her say “baaaaaaaack” …

  • chesa..  what’s the deal witht he back??   is that like sheep saying it?   =)

  • i miss u too sammy.

  • rogie..   thanks!   i miss you too..  down there!!  

  • oh man.. that down there comment is getting out of control.. even sam’s saying it..

  • it’s been a long while since i had spam … i miss spam.

  • hmmm wrong site … anyway … just remove the “p’s” and we should be fine.

    btw, how’s the copter project? loadede any mini hellfire’s yet?

  • it’s still 2pm and i’m already conked out! and i’m spamming sam’s site. geez.

  • hi sam………God bless u!

  • i think perze misses either sam, spam, or pam…whoa! who’s pam

    sam: to rogie: that’s sick. never say that in front of the xange community.

  • yah sam! ewa, das sick dude, i dont even want to get stuck on an island with you eh.

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