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…email to help us remember the old us…

profiles |compiled 1.98|

Okay everyone here’s the deal. Copy this e-mail and change the answers so they apply to you. Then send this to everyone that you know including the person who sent this to you. You will get back a lot of mail. You’ll also learn stuff you never knew about some of your friends, or strangers. Just go to reply mail and copy the question and then your answer. Thanks bye!

Full name: Marchesa Jane
Nicknames: Marchy, Chesa, mark, cheeza, cheese, inday, dy
Nicknames I Particularly Dislike: Marcheeta
Sibs: Freddie (Toto), Stephanie (Te), Kris (YOU!)
School: RU stupid or sumthin?
Pets/names: Gene, Chelle, steph, teya, reeny, kris, chico, bino, jae, jazz, mel
Jobs: abusing my pets
Hobbies: abusing my pets, poetry, visiting my parents, renting movies and watching them midnight with a select few…, piano, writing, letters, chatting on the phone for soul food, Sanrio, singing, movies, crying, thinking about the coincidences in life, thinking about the past, thinking of the future, loving the present, feeling high from God’s goodness, laffing loudly, chillin’ outside of Campbell in the park, spotting Dunkin’Doughnuts, shopping, writing songs, listening to songs, making funny inside jokes, talking with the Father, thinking my life’s on tv like Ally McBeal or Kevin Arnold, rollerblading
Best friends: God, YB, chelle, Tephan, Justin, Irene
Life Motto: God never uses a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply
Best advice ever given: just because Eugene looks funny, it doesn’t mean he smells funny too….
Best advice ever received: “never look anywhere else…God’s right there…”
Word or phrases you use too much: “ooo, bastos” “You stupid yo” “I’m not ugly!” “Hands on” “Chelle, should I???”
A non-sport game in which you excel: watching TV
Dream Car/ mode of transportation: yes, i like basketball…
Scariest thing you’ve ever done: take the Bio exam
Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: “The Wheel”
Kewlest thing you’ve ever done: “the Wheel”
Thing you’ll never do again: “the wheel”
What did you say?: “The Wheel”
Fave thing to do in winter: wait for summer
Fave thing to do in summer: wear phat clothes, family retreats, church activities, chill with YOuth, youth musicals, blade on kewl nights
Fave amusement park ride: carousel
Special Skills/Talents: PULEEZ! I got mad skills…”she got skills, she got crazy skills..” psyke, psyke about that, lecture with a chip…
Character traits I look for: Someone who has a stronger relationship with the Father than I do so he can carry me when i get weak….he’ll rebuke me when I stray from God…someone to shower me with words that mean more than just words…someone intelligent- a thinker, someone that challenges me, someone to pray for me, someone to sing to me, someone to think of me and just smiles, someone with ambitions- goals, someone who can make me laugh and is a challenge to my wit and sarcasm, someone I can really admire and respect, good looking, poetic, musically inclined, caring, sympathetic, wholeheartedly devoted to God, a leader, funny, witty, familiar with what’s going on around him, romantic, someone who can always be truthful with me no matter what’s on his mind, someone who’s not afraid to tell me how he feels, someone i can stare eye to eye with and not mind about uncomfortability, someone I can tell everything to, someone to share words and silence with, someone who I can be myself with, someone who gets jealous of my attention-but not too jealous and can admit when he’s jealous, someone who remembers kewl moments, things i say and do, someone who makes me smile wherever i go, someone who will share their special places, dreams, fears, past, hopes, and uncertainties with me….(sorry so long…there’s music in the backround)
Most Influential Person: my mom, and irene
What I want to be: God’s favorite musical instrument πŸ™‚
Denomination: Child of the Father
Church: SJBCI
Fave Music: CHRISTIAN, love songs, oldies, rap, hip-hop, R&B, reggea, pop, me on the guitar
Fave Food: dunkin’doughnuts coffee
Least Fave Food: liver
Fave Vacation: Philippines
Fave Subject: english, music, religion
Least Fave Subject: bio, chem
Favorite Book(s): BIBLE, mel’s diary, how to be a playez by Eugene Bayawa
Books You Want to Read: HOW TO KILL A PLAYEZ by Jake Deleon
Fave Sport: v’ball, ice skating, blading, ballroom, and aerobics
Fave Actor(s): leonardo dicaprio, mel gibson, tom hanks
Fave Actress(es): wynona ryder, claire danes, meg ryan
Fave Movie(s): “The Wheel”
Fave Cartoon Characters: Hello Kitty, Mars, Battle Angel Alita
Fave music video: jewel “you are meant for me”
Fave animals: “my Sad Sam and Honey”
Fave TV Show: Wonder Years, AllyMcBeal, Dawson’s Creek
Fave Day(s) of Week: Thursdays, Sundays
Fave Season: spring and summer
Fave holiday: christmas, birthday
Fave part of the newspaper: don’t read noospayper
Fave Cereal: what yo momma got on the table
Peanut or Regular M&Ms: peanut
how about Coca-Cola or Pepsi?!!! ..i like sprite..

Full name: SARENA
Nicknames: reeny,reen, enah, en-en
Nicknames I Particularly Dislike: HA! like i’d tell you people
Sibs: alvin (turning 16)… and thea..(14)
School: cherry hill high shool east
Pets/names: none… but i would love a puppy…. *aww*
Jobs: pet store, GAP, CVS…
Hobbies: playing the piano, singing, drawing, sanrio, laX, and V-BALL!! (it’s my fave!!!)
Best friends: (man, too many to mention but hey,) youth- steph, marchy, chelle, eugene, justin, christina, chris, tricia, jane,….
Life Motto: Golden rule: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you…
Best advice ever given: just one?… j/k…. i don’t know… it depends how the advice and advice-e turned out to be i guess….
Best advice ever received: “why not be friends?”
Word or phrases you use too much: “what the heck…”… Ya buddy!!!
A non-sport game in which you excel: nuthin…. i don’t really have time to excel in anything non-sporty…. i have a life you know… *laffs*… j/k
Dream Car/ mode of transportation: any thing that’s nice and roomy.. i hate small cars (i’m claustrophobic…) and big cars also,… (you can’t find a big enuff parking space…
Scariest thing you’ve ever done: sneak the car out at nite when ‘rents aren’t home and drive to twnshp… or just hang out someplace with friends…. (heck, i got used to it now…hehe)…..
Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: HA!… too many to mention….
Fave thing to do in winter: just watch videos, sleepovers (hey, you’re never too young!!)… go shopping… oh yeah!!!
Fave thing to do in summer: go out with friends… spend the day at the park… play v-ball,… go to philly…. go to the beach…
Fave amusement park ride: soo far batman….. the drop was awesome… *whew!*.
Special Skills/Talents: drawing… maybe singing (Ya, right)… i dunno….
Character traits I look for: First and foremost CHRISTIAN… sweet, charming, ROMANTIC….. gentleman, sense of humor, able to carry on a conversation, honest, loyal,…. oh, just about the characteristics of the perfect guy!…. hehe….
Most Influential Person: actually it’s not just one person but the youth…. (luv you guys!!!)
What I want to be: physical therapist or occupational therapist or psychologist
Denomination: i really don’t have any but i am a born again christian….
Church: south jersey baptist church….
Fave Music: christian music (luv that point of grace…. jars of clay!! 4Him)” I’ve had the time of my life” (that’s my song…. )… everythin’ but hard rock… r&B, soft rock, hip hop, classical…
Fave Food: chinese!!! chicken, spaghetti that my mom makes…. pizza… oh, junk foods..
Least Fave Food: brocolli… (yuck!)
Fave Vacation: somewhere fun with my friends… (retreat baby!!! that was awesome!).. no ‘rents… ya buddy!!!) or somewhere romantic with “the significant other”(whoever that may be)… that’s in the future……..
Fave Subject: i really don’t like school but i LOVE physics!!!
Least Fave Subject: FRENCH!!! and PRECALC!!! yuck!! and oh, I HATE u.s. history..
Favorite Book(s): Jane Eyre, Tale of Two cities…..
Books You Want to Read: romantic type of books…. scary, detective mysteries, mythological ( i guess)
Fave Sport: VOLLEY BALL!!!!
Fave Actor(s): DAVID BOREANAZ… leonardo dicaprio, rico yan( he’s flip), will smith keanu reeves,matthew mcnoghey( dunno how to spell his name)…. DAVID BOREANAZ!!!!David duchovny… DAVID BOREANAZ!!!! (gee, i must really like him huh?)
Fave Actress(es): claire danes, kate winslett, julia roberts,
Fave Movie(s): TITANIC!!!!!!! romeo and juliet, that thing you do, baps, my best friend’s wedding… (gee, do i detect a pattern here?)… anythin’ romantic….. and from time to time, anythin’ funny… i wanna watch senseless!!!)
Fave Cartoon Characters: Ariel, Belle, sanrio characters, sailor moon, winnie the pooh….
Fave music video: men in black….
Fave animals: puppies…
Fave TV Show: BUFFY!!! and my new fave, DAWSON’s CREEK… X-files… friends, er, flames, mula sa puso(both on the flip channel)….
Fave Day(s) of Week: fri, sat, sun.
Fave Season: spring…. summer…
Fave holiday: christmas…
Fave part of the newspaper: comic section….
Fave Cereal: waffle crisp
Peanut or Regular M&Ms: both….
how about Coca-Cola or Pepsi?!!! ..i like sprite..

Full name: Michelle Ivy
Nicknames: Chelle, Shell, Mich, Chechelle
Nicknames I particularly dislike: I don’t really have any I don’t like
Sibs: Melody (13)
School: Rutgers University
Pets/names: I used to have a hamster named Chip but I had to give him away πŸ™
Jobs: Washington Twp. High School, Joyce Leslie
Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing (when I feel like it), chilling with the “Rice Girls”, slacking off with Yoki and Marchesa, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks with Marchesa, wandering around Philly with the pinay hoochies, daydreaming, emailing (when I don’t have anything else to do) Best Friends: You guys know who you are
Life Motto: “Hands On!!!”
Best advice ever given: Hmmm…I don’t remember…
Best advice ever received: Don’t give up your dreams no matter what anyone says
Words or phrases used too much: Huh?
A non-sport game at which you excel: Seeing who cuts class more: Marchesa or me (hehe…just kidding…us? cut class?)
Dream car/mode of transportation: Mazda Miata, Toyota Celica, Toyota Rav4, Honda Del Sol, or a BMW Roadster
Scariest thing you’ve ever done: When I snuck the car outta the house with Marchesa and Melody when my parents were sleeping and we went to Sarena’s house
Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: I do too many stupid things to mention
Favorite thing to do in winter: play in the snow
Favorite thing to do in summer: go swimming
Favorite amusement ride: Scream Machine
Special skills/talents: I can play the piano a little…that’s about it…I’m so untalented πŸ™
Most influential person: Even though I hate to say it, I’d have to say my parents
What I want to be: A Doctor!!!
Denomination: Baptist
Church: South Jersey Bible Church International
Favorite music: R&B, Reggae (I love dancing to reggae!!), Christian, Love songs
Favorite food: Chocolate!! Chinese food, Flip food, anything sweet
Favorite vacation: When we went to the Philippines
Favorite subject: Biology
Least Favorite subject: Biology
Favorite book(s): Mists of Avalon
Books you want to read: ?
Favorite Actor(s): Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Mike Meyers
Favorite Actress(es):
Favorite movies: Titanic, Austin Powers, My Best Friend’s Wedding, That Thing You Do!
Favorite Cartoon character: Sailor Mercury!!! Sanrio
Favorite music video: I don’t have cable πŸ™
Favorite animals: puppies
Favorite TV show: Dawson’s Creek
Favorite Day(s) of the week: Saturday and Sunday
Favorite season: Spring coz it’s not too hot or cold and everything starts to bloom…everything’s so pretty
Favorite holiday: Christmas coz everyone seems so happy
Favorite part of the newspaper: the weather
Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms
Peanut or regular M&M’s: who cares? it’s chocolate!!!
How about Coca Cola or Pepsi?!! Actually, I like Sprite

Full name: Eugene Paul
Nicknames: Eug, the man (sike), Mr. W.H.S. gene, dork,
Nicknames I particularly dislike: Anything that does hurt my ego…hehe
Sibs: Eunice Mae (22)
School: Williamstown High School
Pets/names: No pets….duh!!!!!!!!!!!
Jobs: No jobby job yet…hopefully soon
Hobbies: collecting b-ball cards, dancing, singing, collecting your mama’s draws (sike), billiards, freestyle rapping, making a fool of myself, playing guitar
Best Friends: this is going to be a long one: Justin, Steph, Marchesa, Michelle, Jae, Sarena, Jake, Alvin, Mel, Thea, Kristie, Jasmine, Icho, Emman, Barbara Brown, Nick Bates, Eujay Logan, Erik Medina, Thom Cowley, Sam Pizzo, Mark Dillon, John Jones, Ange Fallon.
Life Motto: Don’t be quick to anger or else you’ll say the word “screw”
Best advice ever given: Don’t mind the little problems in life cuz they’ll just waste your time.
Best advice ever received: Grow up Eugene!!!!!!!!!
Words or phrases used too much: yo mama, niggaz, phly, “who’s the man” shut yo mouth, corn and anything that you can connect that word to.
A non-sport game at which you excel: Monopoly, poker, chess
Dream car/mode of transportation: white 1998 Acura Integra, stick shift, cd playa, phat system
Scariest thing you’ve ever done: Did a back flip and hit my head on the step
Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: Look above
Favorite thing to do in winter: sit on my couch and see if I can gain weight
Favorite thing to do in summer: look for the ladies….play basketball
Favorite amusement ride: The one at Dorney Park…..I forget the name
Special skills/talents: Oh you know…don’t think that you don’t know, singing, dancing, making fun of people
Most influential person: My Dad, Martin Luther King Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr.
What I want to be: A pro wrestler (sike), I want to be a Computer Science Engineer
Denomination: No need of one….Born again Christian
Church: SJBCI
Favorite music: HipHop, Rap (Wu-tang), R&B, Oldies, Latin (cha cha), Christian Contemporary, Love songs, Musical soundtracks, little alternative reggae
Favorite food: Sushi!!!!!!!!!! Anything that doesn’t taste bad
Favorite vacation: California, Philippines
Favorite subject: Pre-Calc, Chem, Gym, and lunch
Least Favorite subject: English
Favorite book(s): Flowers for Algernon, A Raisin in the Sun
Books you want to read: I hate reading
Favorite Actor(s): Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lawrence Fishburne, Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams
Favorite Actress(es): Not sure!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite movies: Titanic, Good Will Hunting, The Tuskegee Airmen, Glory, Devil’s Advocate, Austin Powers, Forrest Gump, I’m Gonna Get Ya Sucka, Booty Call
Favorite Cartoon character: Ralph, Nelson, Homer, Mr Burns, the old guy, the guy that hasn’t finished his puberty…….these are all on the Simpsons
Favorite music video: Been Around the World (Long Version)
Favorite animals: yo mama (sike)….puppies or penguins.
Favorite TV show: Simpsons
Favorite Day(s) of the week: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Favorite season: Summer and Spring
Favorite holiday: Christmas and Chanukah (sike)…..Thanksgiving
Favorite part of the newspaper: Sports or comics
Favorite cereal: Kix
Peanut or regular M&M’s: Peanut baby….what else
Coca Cola or Pepsi?: It has to be Fresca!!!!!!!!
Character traits I look for: CHRISTIAN, smile, sense of humor, HONESTY, LOYAL, has to carry a conversation, likes to have fun, cute, sweet, doesn’t mind being spoiled by me, humble….cuz I’ll have a big enough ego for the both of us……sike, loves life, a that would love me

here’s 1997 |compiled by chesa 01.98|

I know this is so overdue but I had time today…I know you guys will enjoy this…:) overall, it was a good year…filled with obstacles for each one of us, but always memorable: why?Stephanie: 1st time job interviews
got a job at UPenn
Chelle: wnt to college
turned 18
πŸ™‚ than πŸ™ then πŸ™‚ then πŸ˜› then πŸ™‚
got a job at Joyce Leslie
Caza: turned 18
went to college
Reeny: got two jobs- one GAP, the other CVS (chose the cornier of the 2 but more stable- very practical choice)
got license
started piano lessons
Gene: went through major growth (or so I think) physically, mentally, spiritually,
started guitar
Chico: Peak of his extortion activities
stopped the dirty episodes
very active in church activities
started highschool
Alvin: got rid of voice problem
knows good music now (christian/ contemp)
no more Bone Thugs and Harmony
Started highschool
Thea: Made volleyball
started piano lessons
Mel: Joined field hockey
first time without a sister to drive her
Became a teenager
Kris: Got into South Jersey Choir! Yay!
first time joined field hockey
became a teenager
learned to play drumsHERE WE GO: EVENTS!
garage sale: Fabila’s home

pennies from heaven: Valenzuela’s donation

Gene’s Musical: Guys N’ dolls

Retreat -97: Marchesa won free admission (euge, russ, justin didn’t)
Stayed up most of the night
“i’m skiing in the rain”
paint a picture “Zoo”, “Wedding”, “Funeral”
in our track session, a gril actually tried to challenge me
Eugene trying to mac it to his group
trying to feed Darrielle
Praise and Worship Band!

Start or GF7 Band
Year of the Bosses
Great Adventure
Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding
Men In Black
Romeo and Juliet
Church Anniversry: slideshow presentation: gene had the hardest job, adlib
Christmas: costumes
live nativity: Marchesa- Mary
Justin- Joseph
Jake- sheperd
Thanksgiving Retreat: scary stories: Jake’s story- baaaaa
Justin’s story- dodong Bayawa
Galatians 2:20- our cross
Dark shadows
Junior church ministry
whenGene Taught youth
Sleepovers: alvin with hershey kisses on neck and hand with mustard with him holding a chip.
Alvin saying: whoever did this is gonna pay….zzzzzzzzz
Pancake cook0 out!
Justin’s suicidal hand game: Gene’s arm turned black n’ blue when thea cried
when Kuya Rodel went for my cheek, but I gave him a high five instead
Prayer Meeting: OK- count: 1-1-1-1-1-1, 1234-5, 12323412
GF7 practices: practiced “We Bring the Sacrifice” and K. Rodel and A. Grace started dancing and I started surfing
K. Rodel always end up dancing
sleepover: chelle, mel, and me and the car
The pictureof Kistie’s hand on Thea’s Butt
Joy Palace: when we dared Justin to take an empty plate and fill it with other people’s food
When they called Alvin up to get a rose
when Cathy asked Reeny if she was a virgin

Volcano:when the guy jumped from the train and landed on the lava and threw the dead guy to safety.
When my mom said she would’ve thrown Justin on the lava and she would’ve jumped on him for safety
Graduation party: valenzuela’s home
My surprise birthday party- I came in while I was eating bread
When Justin was rapping in church during anniversary practice
When Justin made melody cry
When Sarena’s dad made me stay and play the piano for him
When Sarena got in trouble with Justin cuz she went to the mall with Steph
DVBS: I made my class say “Yee- Haa!”
Thea gave me a sheriff’s badge and Justin got jealous so he said
“Go ahead sarena- show her what you got me…”
slave auction: I got the gighest bid but the hardest job
Austin Powers- Lucky Charms
Ate Jovi almost found a boyfriend

1997 |compiled by reeny 01.98|

well, well….. here’s my list of funny, embarrasing things that happened last year..

jan. 5 at the bayawa’s… i said the word, *beep*… and kuya noel heard me…
makati came to church…..
some drunk called on new years day and alvin picked up.. the guy said,..”uh,mmmm, happy new year…”

sarena’s party…. oh, yeah, some weirdo things happened there… soumen the money.. oskosh asking marchy to dance…

oh, yeah, gene won the mr. whs…. until today, no one can solve the mystery… WHY???

“two-dollars-por-noting”….. *laffs*

can’t think of any…

sleep over at our house…. ovaltine, baby!!!! *laffs*… remember that girlies?

oh, yeah, the garage sale…. did anyone buy anything at all?

Went to six flags… got dizzy on all those rides… justin saying “This ride’s Corny!!!”…… remember the pic after the scream machine? justin was the only one waving his arms..*laffs*….
The retreat at virginia…. remember that time when the peeps stayed up the whole nite?…… that was funny…… oh, yeah, do you girls remember that time justin did a caterpillar?….
took my shoe.. almost grabbed the wrong thing… oopsies… left phil in that room…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
oh, the grad party at the valenzuela’s… “look at the monkey! look at the monkey!”…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”…… oh, good memories…..

jake emailed ’bout his friends dressing like hommies… hehe….

the anniversary… oh, man, that took the longest time… i think everyone there sang at least one number….

oh, yeah,… the late nite crash at chris’ house… that was funny… jake trying to play pool… *laffs*… and doing that little fart…. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

one word:”BASTOS!!!!”
oh, remember, kristie’s and justin’s sleepover surprise party?…. when gene got there, he waves at kristie.”hi, kristie,… uh… i’m here… cuz… uh, i saw your sisters at blockbuster… uh…”…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

inside jokes |compiled by chesa 01.98|
here”don’t sit there!”- mel
“2 dollars for nuting”- cathy
“The Floor’s panghi”- Ate Grace
“Rod- there’s peopel to see you…
-ok, let me put my shirt back on” -K. rodel
“Hey Brew, wassup?”- K. Rodel
“I don’t wanna press my luck- I mean their luck”- Alvin
“Bastos”- Justin
“(Dana laugh) ha ha ha ha ha”- Mel

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  • Steph I love it!!!!!!!   You still have all of that??!!  Awwww you put a smile on my face

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