November 16th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

Sorry.. I have not written in a while..   it was just like yesterday that I finished talking about that retarded customer..  you know the one..  the one that wanted to be bugs bunny..   just when I thought things were on the up and up..   my team lead pulls me into another issue with this other customer.

the customer insisted that the hardware was busted..   and we replaced the unit ..  twice already.. but they still insist it’s the hardware..   I had to script something that would stress the hard drives and nothing was found to be a problem with them..   I read every block that customer complained about and they were fine..  it was the application that failed..   I thought this was pretty convincing..  but the customer said how could I explain his application problems?   I said I have no idea what the application does..   we need to speak to your vendor on that..   vendor gets on the phone ..  and says the problem is easily fixed by software..  I was thinking great..  its a software bug..  and then moments later he said..  its a hardware problem..  I said I thought you said it was software..   and he said I forgot this software was running on hardware..  and I was like huh?  and he was like..  when software runs on hardware…  it tends to think the hardware fails first..  and I was like is the code really that super?   I mean.. I can write code that spits out errors all the time too..  and the vendor was offended and said..  I am going to tell my mommy on you..  and I said ..  mommy?  and he said..  yes! 

4.5 hours of conference calling and I was onsite at the customer getting glares and stares saying how we’re not doing anything to fix this hardware problem..  and I said there is nothing wrong with the hardware..   can we eliminate certain things??   and they said how about eliminating the hardware by replacing it?   I said we already did that..  twice too..  and they said..  3 times lucky?   I said 3 strikes and you’re out..   and he said can we have the whole thing replaced?  I said if I replace the whole thing.. and it fails again..  what next?  they said..  then we can replace it again.    

I never knew I had it in me..  but I just walked off the customer’s site and just said go buy someone elses’s stuff..   until you are willing to work with me..  there is nothing I can do to help here.   and the customer said..  can I be bugs bunny??


this dude must exchange notes with the other customer!

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  • hahahaha…sam…when i read this, i’m like…okeys…serious…serious…bam…sarcasm…sarcasm…serious…serious…sarcasm…sarcasm again…hahahaha…

    just when i think it’s the real story, you slip in some witty comment…hahahahah


  • chesa..   this customer is still having trouble with the system now..   and thru a few conference calls..  they finally realised that the application was corrupted.. and could be fixed by reloading..  I wondering why..   idiots. =)

  • here you go sam, i know you’ll like these quotes.

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
    — Anonymous

    “Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.”
    — Rich Cook

  • i agree w/the second statement.. it seems like i encounter so many each day..

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