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August 15th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   1 Comment

…brothers and sisters in Christ 2003…

well, BASIC is tomorrow.. i know there’s been a lot of work and prayer towards the event so i know there will be many blessings due to the fellowship.. for those who will be near the south jersey area, click above for more info/directions and try to make it.. as of now, i’m not really sure whether i will able to go due to this whole blackout issue.. not really sure about whether it is advisable to do long distance traveling when it’s up in the air about what may/may not happen.. very iffy.. so although i really want to go, i’m still not sure whether i will be able to..

anyway, i was looking through some old email i had, and found some funny/amusing ones from the days when we all used to love emailing each other all the time.. so i posted it below.. i have a couple other stuff, but probably not for the impressionables’ eyes so for those who do want them, let me know, and i will email it.. but since i wasn’t able to look over everything below, hopefully no one’s offended..

also, please pray for me.. lots of things to think about |work out| and important decisions to be made.. i’ll leave it at that..

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  • hope you can come steph!… pleeeassseeee!!!?!?!?!? with a cherry on top…

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