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Finally had time to blog..      Just an update to those that read my blog..   yes..  I am a dad now..   the baby was born on January 17th..   so that is wonderful news for the New Year!!

With all the excitement of the baby..    I did manage to finally stick it to the man, so to speak.   I resigned from my current job..   and this was such personal satisfaction to see the look on my manager’s face when I handed him my resignation letter.  It was priceless.   He asked what was the reason for my resignation..  and my reason made him top the previous face.  I think my manager was about to cry..  as he knew the project that I was managing was doomed.   Doom like the video game.. with the zombies and the big minotaur that shoots the rockets.  

Lets re-enact the conversation…  I will change the names to protect his identity.

Sam:  Dan..  I need to talk to you.
Dan: I am busy at the moment.. can it wait?  and did you finish waxing my car?  or get my dry cleaning?
Sam: huh?
Dan: I am busy.
Sam: no Dan..  You’re going to want to talk to me.
Dan is nervous and shaky.
Sam: I want to inform you that I am handing in my letter of resignation.
Dan: Wha???? 
Sam: Am I not speaking loud enough?  I said I am resigning from my job.
Dan: You are going to be the manager and all these wonderful things like gold and silver was going to be offered to you for completing the project.
Sam: I don’t care.. because you are the reason why I am resigning..  you alone has caused me to want to barf everytime I come to the office.
Dan:  What if I clean the barf?  Would you stay?
Sam: Of course I would stay if you did that.
Dan: Oh goodie!!  Thanks!
Sam *barf*!!!  
Sam: go clean that up sucker!!  and while you’re at it..  can you guess what I had for lunch? *rips a big fart*
Dan: was it an apple turnover?
Sam: uh.. yeh..   you must be used to smelling farts.
Dan: *blush*..  yes..  does that mean you’ll stay?
Sam: no.

so..   that was a brief overview of what happened.

Oh.. the baby is squirming for attention…   fatherhood is very fun..   I love this little boy.. I never knew how quickly they grow..  he’s 3 weeks going on 4weeks..  and while I was rocking him to bed..  he smiled at me..  and said.. “You know.. you should really think about driving in third gear..   that way you improve your miles per gallon.”  and then he fell asleep.

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  • that samsam is one efficient very practical young man baby.  i really can’t wait to see him again…he smells sooooo baby.

  • Priceless.

  • ah.. only two more days of that company..

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