four months

May 17th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   No Comments

…happy 4 months samsam…

938691616303_0_ALBAnother month has passed, and Samsam is now four months old. Looking at the websites with all the milestones he’s supposed to have reached, it’s good to know he’s on track. They always say each child is different and will reach their milestones in their own time, but I still worry at times. Babies are such mysteries at times, and they can’t tell you what they need, want, etc.. I guess it’s natural as a first time parent.

This picture is such a great snapshot of where he is right now. When he was younger, he hated tummy time and could only last a few minutes on his stomach. However, now, his neck muscles are so much stronger, he can prop himself up well, and he’s so playful. He’s much more appreciative of his toys and I catch him babbling to himself frequently. Yay for four months!!!

Here are some photo albums of the past couple of months..
month three
our trip to canada

Also, here are some pictures of our friend Liza’s wedding last Saturday, the 13th. It’s my first as a mom as well as Samsam’s and thankfully, he happily behaved himself. He definitely charmed some of the ladies with his friendly smile. It was a nice time to finally introduce him to some of my friends and catch up. We had a great time, we even had a family slow dance.Congratulations again, Liza and John. We wish you all the best as you begin your journey together.

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