November 27th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   1 Comment

i just want to announce that I am an uncle again.. =)   My sister had a baby girl this morning..  both my sister and the baby are doing fine.   In fact..   when the baby arrived..   she opened her eyes and said..   sooo..  anybody know where I can get internet access.   my goodness.. this new baby is smart already.

I am happy..  and being in the US is makingme want to see this new baby more. =)

I will be looking for stuff for the new baby for christmas too. =)

ok..   that’s it for now..   I am writing his from the Fabila’s place..    I am staying here for thanksgiving..   and I hear the US celebrates Thanksgiving late.. because it took the Pilgrims a longer trek down to the US ..   which is why Thanksgiving is in November..  and conveniently placed on a thursday for those that like to take friday off from work too.

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  • ya. those pilgrims did great.! see ya round…um…the…kitchen…ya…

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