November 28th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

its Thanksgiving today in the US..   whoo hoo.

yesterday..   went out with steph and her friend julie from university..   it was a late dinner at this chinese/japanese restaurant called the Tokyo Mandarin..   the reason being the folks there speak mandarin..  and they don’t know what language is spoken in tokyo..  so they just called it tokyo.

the food was alright..  not as good as i thought it would be.  but ever since i went on this low sodium diet..   everything tastes like its salty.   even with the least amount of salt..  it tastes salty. =(

after dinner..   what happened..   ohhh..  i was chatting with kristie about her artwork.. and she showed me some of her art that she was going to submit..   its very pretty.

i used be quite the artist myself..  but unfortunately..  i never pursued it in school or during my free time…   i may start drawing later on .. but currently i cannot be derailed from the apache project.

the fabila’s and i stayed up late watching a movie..   Lord of the Rings..   i never knew how much i remembered this movie from just watching it in the theatre..   i was about to blurb out the whole movie..  but since marchesa has never seen the flick..  i had to bite my tongue a few times.

i must admit..  lord of the rings is a good movie..  because they picked an unlikely hero..    and stated that no matter how tall or big..  or whatever..   even the smallest person can make a difference.   i think it was an oscar-calibre performance on the part of the true hero..   sean astin..   you gotta love it when he goes..  “Mr. Frodo…  Mr. Frodo!!”   or the part where he jumps in the water and says..  “I am coming with you!”   and frodo goes.. “Yous can’t swims in this here water!”  and you see sean astin drowning..   i dunno how you can fake drowning.   

i am not sure why frodo has the taste of ring bearer..   out of all stars..  he had the fewest lines..   “GANNNDDDALLLF!!”   or .. “No!!!  augh..  augh.. augh!!”

the next movie..   “the two towers” is coming out this decemeber..   should be good..  i think i will definitely go watch it. =)

I hope part 2 is as good of a part 2 as Harry Potter..   That Harry Potter is getting better as wizardry than ever.  When I saw the basilik..  I swear I was nearly petrified.   and just from watching the movie..   I was amazed at how young Tom Riddle was..   even in the future..  and i got to get me one of those disappearing books.

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  • awe sam, thanx for staying up so late and watching it with me!!!  wow. great movie!  part o’me wants to watch it again.

  • sam.. i think you like harry potter and lord of the rings cause you’re so into magic.. remember your coin trick? hahaha.. do you still have that?

  • hahahaha sam!!!! u juz made my day when u said u were almost petrified when u saw the basilik… hahaha!

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