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its December..  =)   and to make it feel like december..  Mahwah was caked with a lot of snow..   My car was covered with about a foot of snow..   good thing i drive fast so the snow would just fly away. =)

I cannot believe i have to be at work..   i am sitting here..   just looking for computer parts..  I am building my PC..   and getting rid of the old..  a few of my co-workers are interested in it..  so I will sell the old stuff..  to get some new stuff. =)

my family has been looking for presents too..  and to make it easier..   and since you’re reading this..  you’re probably wondering..   “what does Sam want??  I mean..  he has everything.”   Who can ask for more when you have someone as caring as Stephanie..   (stop rolling your eyes folks).. =)   Spending some time with her..  has really brought me even closer to her.. and I miss her lots.   ok..   enough with the sappy stuff. =)   Here is my christmas list..   Marchesa..  you may want to take note of number 7..   you were talking to me about this one. =)

1. AMD AthlonXP 2400+ CPUs 

2. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe

3. GlobalWin CAK-II38 Fansinks

I got the ThermalTake Volcano 9 instead.

4. Seagate Cheetah 18.2gb scsi hdisks (I need 4 of these)

5. A 550W Enermax Power Supply.

6. ViewSonic 21″ CRT monitor (P225F)

I settled for a 19″ ViewSonic P95f+.

7. ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro video card. (Thanks Marchesa)

8. 1024MB of Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM.

9. Adaptec DuoConnect (FireWire/USB card)

10. Adaptec AHA-39160 (Dual Channel SCSI card)

11. Yamaha Firewire CDRW.

I ordered a LaCie Firewire CDRW.

12. a job in the States.

13. a name for my new niece.   If its Amanda..  It will remind me of this girl in elementary school..  her name was Wendy.

those are the material things..   I have been clessed with such a rich life..   thanks to my friends for being with me. =)

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  • you’re so funny sam. i’ll be sure to keep in mind all those things you wrote…altho i don’t think i can remember all of them . i think i need a palm…one that costs around the same price as your #7. what do you think?

  • darn it.. i liked lexi.. i’m not that keen on amanda.. but lex is cute.. we should do a vote.. or amelie.. so amelia and amelie.. suggest it..

  • stephanie..  i did not like lexi ..   too soap opera-ish to me.  you’re not keen on amanda??  well..  neither am i.. but unfortunately its not my decision to make the name up… so i don’t really have a say in this.

    i think amelie would be cute.

  • wow. if it’s checked out, does that mean you have it already?

  • Marchesa..   yes..   that means I am already getting that stuff..  whoo hoo! =)

  • wow sam…your list is going down… at least you you’re getting most of the stuff you want. 

  • sam.. no updates eh?  not even a word about the apache helicopter.. i guess you’re being consumed by the new comp.. well have fun building it.. but remember to eat.. take regular breaks..

  • michelle..   yes..   =)   the list is shrinking slowly.. =)  i even got the TV think working..  whoo hoo!  just need an extra hard drive..  =)

    stephanie..  i know..  i know..   take breaks. =)   i took a gaming break..  whoo hoo!! =)   btw..  the apache is still slowly being built..  but i will get it done..  it will take a few years to build the radio control model. =)

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