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…happy 24th birthday…

well, today is a very special day for chesa as she turns 24.. i know there are times that she feels that there are a lot of obstacles and hurdles in her life but i admire that she is so grounded in her faith and of her obvious trust/love in God.. it’s amazing to see how God is truly using her life.. i love you, dai.. continue to strive for what you want and never let anything hinder you from your goal.. i pray that God will continue to bless you this year..
happy birthday, chesa!!!

so in honor of her birthday.. what are some things others may not know about chesa.. i’ll start..
*Her middle name is Jane.
*Her hobby of making up songs started in the bathroom when she’d get bored during a battle and start to sing songs.
*At one time, the #1 item on her wishlist was a toy rifle.
*She used to play the piano for hours to vent her frustrations.
*She gave up coffee for one year, drank warm milk instead, and was close friends w/the toilet for the year..
*She hasn’t gotten her hair cut at a salon for years.. and I think everyone’s cut her hair at one point or another.

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  • hapi bday cheeesypoofs!

    * before mr.ababa, she was the most eligible |and pursued| bachelorette
    *she went to the diner and ordered bacon & rice.

  • LIES i tell you…all LIES !!

  • *she was in a praise and worship team called “broken strings” in college, then the group “broken chords” took over ;P….  

  • she was a obsessed stalker.

  • oo… thanx a bunch i can use it against her…heheh… i think i should be the next one to cut her hair.. teheheh… awww…  –java

  • she wants to make her own perfume one day

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