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… since change abounds these days…

a few days ago, chesa and i were discussing how tedious and time consuming it is to change our xanga layout.. i’ve been meaning to for a while but it wasn’t until yesterday i made a change.. did you notice? the background changed to white.. how adventurous, eh? anyway, since it’s a somewhat slow day today, i ended up playing |modifying| more than expected |though still not a full release, but it will do|.. it’s been a while since i wrote a personal blog.. so it’s probably a good thing i started fiddling..

just to answer some FAQ about me.. there are currently no finalized wedding plans.. it will be in sj unless something really big changes, but in terms of reception hall, dress, decorations, etc.. there are currently none chosen.. i did go on a little shopping expedition w/chesa, kris, mom, and tototo.. toto 2.. get it.. *rolls eyes* | if you insist on calling me ate| and tried some dresses on.. although i’m elated about getting married, i’m sure it will still be quite an adjustment for me.. esp since i know i’m difficult to live w/at times |to which my sisters can attest to|.. i’m very thankful that sam is very caring |forgiving| of my somewhat snappy tendencies..

regarding the canada trip last weekend, we woke up early thurs morning and 7.5hrs later, we were in niagara falls.. we spent some time perusing the greenhouse and then the rest of the time was spent wandering around the falls.. it was especially nice at night w/the fireworks to the sounds of disney songs i’d forgotten how nice it is to stroll around at night and watch the fireworks..

friday, we met sam’s family for dinner at starwalk buffet.. i was somewhat nervous about the meeting but it went better than expected.. it feels as if sam and my relationship has been formalized in some way, although i don’t see our families getting together much in the future.. but it was still nice to see sam for even a little bit..

the rest of the time was pretty much spent at pacific mall and at my cousin’s house which was like being in philippines.. we’ll all have to go there one day..

as for my job, it’s going well so far.. i need to do more to become an expert at it, but i find it more interesting than my previous job.. so that’s something to be thankful of.. though i seem to be working more hours, time flies by and i no longer dream about my issues at night.. so i count that a good thing..

also, kris will be moving next weekend to her new home in boston.. only to be seen on major holidays.. how sad.. i hope she knows it’s only a short distance from danbury and i’m great w/mapquest..

lastly, although i wished them happy birthday through another form of media..
belated happy bday greetings to eugene 08.22 and jenn 08.27..

note: my chatbox is still working, though not as easily accessible..
scroll down or click here to view..

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  • wow te, i like how you format your blogs…hmmmm

  • thanks chesa.. i wanted to do new colors as well but you know i like my pink.. btw, liked the orange/white colorscheme of your page.. so citrus-y..

  • hey joy.. thanks.. i’m waiting for the next volume as well..

  • hi stephanie! just typing to say hello. have a good rest of the week! God bless =) sincerely:gaLabs

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