December 25th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

today is Christmas..   =)

Today is also my new niece’s first month.   so we went over to my sister’s place..  and wished them a Merry Christmas..   i took some pictures of my niece Amelia opening her presents..  she was going.. “Wow!!  ..  oh wow!!!”   and she went extremely hyper when she got this toy piano type thing ..   my sister (Amelia’s mom) said that everytime they go to Toys R US..  Amelia would always look for that paino toy..  so Amelia got one for Christmas.. =)  She was very happy.. =)   I got her some clothes and she was trying to put them on herself. =)

The new baby..  Amanda..  wasn’t empty on Christmas..  she got a lot of gifts from people I do not know..  so i won’t write anything about those..  I Amanda a hat for her little head..   and I swear Amanda said my name today..   she said..  “hello sam..  how’s your new computer?  play any good games on it yet?”   I was shocked..  I think Amelia was shocked too..  because she was asking me to count to 10 with her and do her ABCs.

I baked a cake today..   looked pretty good too.. since i am looking into health foods a lot..  i made this cake without any oil..   and such..   a light version of the cake..   it was very good..  good thing i did not put any veggies in it..   may have ruined the cake.

so i spent Christmas shoveling snow..  it was indeed a white Christmas..  so we shoveled ..  =)   tomorrow is Boxing Day..   whoo hoo.. and there are a lot of sales going on..  =)   i cannot wait. =)

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  • awe. that reminds me of when i was a baby. i said the same similar words…i said, “oh wow, is it hot in here…what country are we in?”

  • aww.. sounds like you had a nice christmas..

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