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August 31st, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

…national do not call registry…

not sure how many of you are bothered by telemarketing calls.. but since my landline seems to be bombarded daily w/them, thought you may be interested that there is a “national do not call registry”.. apparently, most telemarketers cannot call phone numbers if it is on this registry and it is effective for 5 years.. here is the link..

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  • hey te, i just signed up for our house number.

  • hahahaha…. poor telemarketers… i have a telemarketer friend… hehehe

  • hey chesa.. i signed up the house number as well.. hahahaha..

    hey bernard.. yes, telemarketing must be a difficult job.. there was a time i tried to be nice to them.. but it seems like i get more and more calls these days

  • kewl.. thanks steph…. you know they also call my cell phone number… before they go thru their whole speech i say, “sorry i’m not interested AND you’re wasting my minutes…” and then click…. lolz.. sorry na lang…but my phone bill is getting higher and higher by the month!.. ay nakuz! 

  • you wanna no what i do to the telemarketers? i have fun with them… hehe… i tell them that i am the maid and that i do not speak english… then sometimes i say that i am the secretary and no one is there to talk to them and that they could leave a message… boi do they get mad… hehe… i think that they call less often… am i good or what?! well the 31st is supposed to be a special day, but i couldn’t be there to wish my buddy a happy bday so sad i no… boii… that is sad… lol

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