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today ..  we’re having family over..  my sister is bringing her kids over for dinner..  whoo hoo! =)

I have been playing this song over and over..   I don’t know the name..  its a Korean love song..   we’ll just keep it at that. =)

I still have not gotten my cdrw for my computer..  arghh..  the store is really upsetting me. =(   I have been waiting for a while now..  I could get it elsewhere..  but oh well..  =)   i just have all these mp3s to push off onto cds.

i had a really funky dream about a house..   it looked very cool..  unfortunate when i woke up.. and tried to remember the details and layout..  i had forgotten most of it. =(

i have been feeling kind of maudlin ..  work has been kind of slow.. so i have  alot of time to think..   unfortunately i also have a lot of time to get angry. =)  

On friday ..  i was suppose to head over to my friends house..  but i was late..   so i did not go..   my friend lives like a good 2 hours north of the city..   in other words..  takes me 45 mins to get up there.   the reason why i was late.  my friend from highschool..  who i have not gone out with in a long time..  wanted to get together..  so i went to see the two towers with him..   the movie was pretty good..   i am beginning to think that frodo baggins really doesn’t want to carry this ring..   and thank goodness sam’s with him..   i am sure frodo would have slipped into the darkside already.. goodbye to middle-earth and his beloved shire….  frodo would have joined forces with the likes of sauron and saruman.  either that..  or once frodo gives the ring back to sauron..   they chop frodo up and have him for dinner.

i must say that Legolas proves himself as the most skilled fighter..   standing in one spot and just rifling the arrows..  you wonder if the bad guys will ever catch on.

In the end Sam tells Frodo..  “Remember..  with great power, comes great responsibilities”..    huh??   that’s spider-man…   i think he mumbles something about shaving their feet.

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  • what a great review sam. you are right about sam and frodo. i was a bit upset with how elijah wood’s eyes kept going up and lids kept coming down. i wonder if the director told him to do that.

    and yes legolas was the most skillful fighter…although i wish they showed him fighting with a sword…he’d even be better!!!!!!  all the girls here are in an uproar with this elf…it must be the hair. hahahahah…why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?

  • chesa..   oh yes..   Legolas was definitely the bravest of warriors..  but notice how Peter Jackson (the director) had to make Legolas a bit evil..   because he wanted to make Aragon more braver?   and then Legolas apologises for being pessismistic..  this was during the battle at Helm’s Deep… and the people of Rohan.

  • well of course they had to have someone pessimistic.. so aragorn could come in and be the encourager.. i mean, isn’t that his whole role?  to unite the people? hmm.. foreshadowing..

    anyway, nice to hear you got to hang out w/mike.. and you still got pictures from mike & becky..

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