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…mission: dresses for the girls…

last night, sam and i had a constructive conversation about the to-dos for the wedding.. although, it’s not until next year, i sometimes get overwhelmed with all the planning/decisions to make and all the considerations to take into account.. the main priorities are finding a reception hall and getting the paperwork for immigration done.. the rest can wait a month | or two |..

i’m also looking into the bridesmaids’ dresses just because it seems to be more difficult than finding a wedding dress |probably because the more people involved, the more complicated it gets|.. but i’m encouraged since i found a boutique that sells a dress i like for significantly less than what i first saw it sold for..

although i’m still open about the dress designs, here are two designers i really like..what’s cool about the website is that you can see the various colors the dresses come in.. my choice.. celadon/sage..

Jim Hjelm Occasions
|click on the link to see other dress Jim Hjelm designs|
Bill Levkoff
|this link takes you to designs i liked on the website|

other dress websites: dessy.com | modernbride.com | theknot.com

note: suggestions/comments/advice welcome

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  • constructive conversation??  there are a lot of things to plan..   and i see what you meant by constructive..  stick Sam with the planning, eh??  =)

    i think the Jim Hjelm dress would suit the date more..   because its more of an everyday thing..  while the Bill Levkoff ..  seems to be more suited for evening wear only.

    i read over the info package..  there is a wedding show on the sept 20th weekend..  sounds like I have a show to visit. =)

  • thanks for the input joy..

  • oh man steph…i really have to lose weight before your wedding.  hahahaha…i’ll have to start being anorexic or maybe bulemic like jake.

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