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My thoughts on episode III.    I am seriously thinking of writing to George Lucas on the possibility of acting in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

I would play Darth Gwynskone.. the young sith apprentice of Darth Tyrannus (Count Dooku)..   I would be Anakin’s greatest defeat.. because like Anakin, I was to bring balance to the Force..  but an evil balance.   The twist to the plot was that I am also in disagreement with Count Dooku and their plans for total galactical domination.   I just wanted my own planet..   i learn the ways to fight like a sith..   and I am introduced as the ultimate killing machine ..   the clone war is in full force..  and I use my light saber and defeat many of the clones.   The interesting part is this..   I begin to agree with the ways of the Jedi.   Yoda and Mace Windu sees the potential in me…   they begin to bring me back to the ways of the Jedi..  keeper of the peace.   together with Anakin..  where he be off hoochi-cooching with Padme..  I would be the more serious Jedi..   Anakin .. obviously jealous of this..   will have a duel with me…  the duel is a cross between The return of the jedi..  where Luke is talking with Sidious..     in Episode III..  Anakin is talking with Sidious..  ..  Sidious would say..  “Strike me now.. I feel your anger..  Strike me down.. and it would be complete.. you will be with the darkside”..     and as Anakin prepares to strike Sidious..  I block the light saber with my own saber..  and the battle begins..   padawan vs young sith lord.   I am actually going to defeat Anakin in the duel of fates!  but Sidious does the electrocution thing on me from behind.. and I turn around to notice it was Sidious..  then Anakin with his one good arm stabs me from behind.   My line would be..  “Lord Sidious..  how could …”   that’s it..  an incomplete sentence.

I forgot to mention that I would not have the high mitochlorian count  as Anakin..   but I was ready for the trials.  

And like all apprenctices to a sith lord..  they have the more unique light sabers..   for example..  Darth Maul and his double-ended light saber..   Dooku with his bent handle saber..  i would have like a whip type saber… the light saber can be solid, but at a certain time, i can make a whip out of it.

And the reason why Anakin is so bent on defeating me..  its because I killed Padme.  That’s how I escaped the jedi clutches.

“Young Skywalker..  Kenobi did say that you lack the ability.”

“Obiwan is just jealous of my advancement..  I am ready for the trials.”  says Anakin.

We’ll see if you are worthy of the Jedi cloth..”  *swish*swish*swish*  with my light saber…  “ha ha..  your knowledge of the force is weak..  are you ready for the trials of Darth Gwynskone?”

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  • Tehe, sounds good. (Smile from a randompasserby)

  • Thanks Fairykarma..     glad you found the storyline amusing.  =)

  • let us know what george has to say

  • happy new year!! yut sey sam..

  • stephanie..  =)   happy new year to you too..  yes..  =)   I am going to have to see what George thinks about this..   it sure sounds interesting…  I would definitely watch it. =)

  • hi sam…happy new year!

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