September 22nd, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

…happy birthday, chico…

happy belated |by one day| birthday jake .. you’re now 21.. pretty much legal for whatever.. how scary.. :-p called you last night.. but i guess you were too busy celebrating .. anyway, i’m sure this next year will be full of jake-isms .. i look forward to it.. again, happy birthday!!

happy belated to bunny as well..

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  • thanks for the greeting & phone call!  🙂

    celebrating? wha… me?    😉

  • aww jake.. sorry i missed another year.. but i still owe you a meal.. don’t worry.. i won’t forget..

  • aww..i like your page!

    thanks for the comment steph. good thing i dont owe jake anything….hmmm he actually owes me sooomething 😉 hahahah

    hope to see ya soon. take care and GOD bless!

  • don’t you owe me a meal?  

  • hi steph!!!…. i really really like your layout.. hehe…

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