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…october 3 – october 16…

markham, on – vacation is always fun.. the time away from the computer screen and the daily to-dos are definitely needed.. my vacation consisted of baseball, shopping, movies, eating and hanging out w/sam and amelia..

sam & i also celebrated our anniversary on october 8th.. we spent the day mainly downtown.. having lunch at pickle barrel, which was one of the first places he first took me.. browsing the shops in the malls.. walking and picture taking at the beach |after a lenghty trolley ride and walk|.. and then dinner at walker hill, which i give 2 thumbs up.. it’s a korean buffet so of course, we filled up on everything and had to roll home.. toronto is definitely a great place to visit..

sjbci anniversary – i’m so thankful for the 15years that God has blessed sjbci.. i was 10 when i moved to sj and started attending the church.. and it has become my 2nd family.. i pray that God will continue to sustain our church and its members and i look forward to seeing God’s plan for our church come to fruition..

baseball – yeah yeah.. i can see chesa saying, “you don’t even like baseball” but i’ve always rooted for the underdog.. and i’m rooting for the red sox!!! it will be a historic baseball moment if they win.. so far, looks good.. just a couple more innings..

miscellaneous – thanks to thea & reen for picking us up at the airport.. and happy birthday lei .. thanks for playing along.. your look was priceless.. to toto , thanks for the webcam.. look for msn video messaging in the future.. to chesa & perze happy monthsary.. and lastly, thanks sam for getting my comp in great working order again!!!! yey!!!!

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  • hey te,

    i like the look of your blogs…they’re unique…
    it was a fun weekend. it’s always funny when sam’s around…next time, i hope amelia comes. hahah

    ps- i forgot it was lheila’s birthday.

  • hahaha…i kno ches ur forgot my bday!!! geee…  dat was funny, thou. i hope u do that to me everytime we go out, so i can get a free ice cream! yay.

  • lei.. hahahaha.. we’ll see lei..

  • hiiii……

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