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alright..    this post has been long overdue.. but a lot of small changes have happened..  so my life hasn’t been a complete bore. =)

first off..   i dunno if everyone knows this..  but I resigned from my last job..   and have since joined up with another company closer to where we live.

After my resignation, I have been messaged a few times by my old manager for help.    These were very good messages indeed..  like “how come I can’t find your documents?”   Oh..  I don’t know..  I swear I saved them on my system..   or did I??  =)

My old manager hounded me for documentation my last few days..  and I printed out my document..  all 75 pages of it..   going through education, system set up..   the whole nine yards..    my old manager was pleased with it..   he then went to look for my softcopy that I saved on the network disk.   He asked..  “how come this is a PDF file, and copy protected?” =)     oh..   did I write my document in something that he doesn’t have a program for? =)  I know the reader is free.   he said he needed to edit it .. so he would like a softcopy in Word format..  I said “I will work on it as soon as I had time to work on it..  but it may take some time since I don’t care about the project anymore.”

Enough about my old job..   i am at a new place..   and so far..   i can see benefits in this job.

As for family life..    things are busy on the home front..    I have a growing baby boy that just continually wants to play…  but he specifically likes to play with me.    I had a long conversation with him..  and I think he realises that there are other babies out there..  but he does think that he is the cutest of them all.     One day when he was a bit whiny..    we listened to a bit of music..    and he enjoyed that..  kicking his legs and wiggling his arms about..    I asked him who his favourite music artist was..   but he doesn’t have favourites yet..   he just likes dancing.   I think he danced so much that he pooped his diaper..   because i had a big surprise when i changed him.

Once he had his new diaper on..  he was ready for more hugging.   so I made sure i was hugging him.

He sleeps on occassion with us..    but most of the time he sleeps peaceful in his crib.  He touches my wife’s face and smiles..  and then he will touch my face and smile..   and then he falls asleep.

He’s 11 pounds now..    heavier than a sack of potatoes..     next measurement goal is a sack of rice..   8kg..   =)

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  • he touches my face and smiles? more like he swats at me.. he’s going to be a strong one..

  • yes…the force is strong in that one!

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