five months

June 17th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   3 Comments

…happy five months to chi hong…

chi hong at 5 months These days Samsam is quite the playful baby. During the past month, he’s mastered rolling over, sitting up w/minimal supervision, kicking his feet, and babbling. His hands are now more mobile, usually grabbing/holding things and he’s entered the stage of trying to chew everything in sight. You can see on the right his quality time on the exersaucer his cousin Emma generously passed down.  He’s about the age Emma was when he was born |which amazes me| and growing out of his clothes like crazy. 

The best thing as he gets older is how his smiles come easier and easier.  He’s so aware of his surroundings and he’s reacting more and more.  He’s always looking around when we take him out, and when someone talks and smiles at him, he tends to smile back.  It’s especially endearing when he looks at me and smiles, or giggles at my silliness.  He’s such a happy baby.  He’s also starting to teeth and everything that comes w/it.. drooling, chewing, and interrupted sleep.  My baby’s gummy smile will soon be replaced by a toothy grin.  I just hope he doesn’t bite too hard.

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  • i love that picture…he looks so involved with the camera.  he’s starting to look more like you te…but that’s a good thing so he can get more of the ladies than his old man in the future…there’s nothin’ wrong with some fabila genes…

  • oh steph he’s so cute…c’mon, let me take him home!! i’ll borrow him for the day. i just want to bite his chubby chubby thighs!! it was nice seeing you, sam, and sam-sam. i hope it won’t be months before i see you guys again.

  • hahaha.. careful chelle.. you’re starting to sound like ate daling.. and we know how ruthie is about her it was good seeing you too.. too bad you had to leave early.. hopefully we’ll see you soon..

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