January 31st, 2003   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

Its Chinese New Years Eve….    sooo..   it’s close to new years ..  whoo hoo!! =)

its been a long time since i last wrote..   why .. and how come??   my gosh..   work has been extremely busy..  if it isn’t one horribly stupid customer..  its a very horrible stupid customer…

I had this one customer..  just recently..  they rushed thru everything..  i could not even get a word in..   in the end..  it was the customer shooting themselves in the foot..   they had an app that would randomly delete things on them.. and they would accuse us of writing software with poor code.  the customer is currently sleeping..  and most likely updating their resume..  i am sure they will be out of a job on monday..  when his boss figures out it was just stupidity that caused all this.

i will keep this short.. its new years eve..   my sister’s family came over to have dinner with us..  my niece ..   she insisted that i watch star wars with her..   in fact she wanted to have a duel with me..   she would run up to me and just start to poke me with this hi-lighter..   which was the light saber she uses.

she would always giggle and smile though..   she is an awfully happy kid.   =)  my other niece was just sleeping.. and just pretending that she was not interested in star wars..  but i know she will be as well..  =) 

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  • hope you had a great new year sam. how’s that RC project going?

  • thanks Perze..    yes..    the RC project is coming along very slowly..    i got some parts..  but most likely have to junk the project..   its tallying to be quite expensive. =)   but we’ll see..   i still may do this in a few years..  stretch out my expenses on it.

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