February 7th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

Good morning..  =)     I got to work early this morning..   *sigh*..  its quiet in the office when i got in..  but i noticed a few people already here. =)

its been a very cold winter..   at times it was so cold..  that if you’re outside long enough..   the moisture in the air will freeze on the inside of your lungs..  and you’ll look bloated.

i have been wondering ..   what if i was on the bachelorette..  i would think i would make it to top 4..  but i cannot compete with Ryan and Charlie..   my gosh..    those two guys are all over this trista girl..   in fact..   trista is beginning to really really annoy me..  she has that whiny voice that reminds me of someone from highschool…  stephanie should know who this is..   steph and i were at the same table with this girl during my friend’s wedding.

either than that..    found the burner i want to get..   and the disk cage i need.   my christmas present is almost complete..  whoo hoo! =)

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  • so you’re in early.. does that mean you get overtime? also.. i think you spend too much time thinking of how you’d do on those reality tv shows..

  • i think sam should be in one reality show…i’d be an avid watcher…but sam needs to be one of the main characters or else i wouldn’t watch it…it would get me all bummed out if he had to leave.

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