November 6th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   8 Comments

…a recap of the past week…

on work the past few weeks have definitely been wearing on me.. work has gotten so hectic with all the testing that need to be done.. this week has also been really stressful.. the problems started on friday and carried on to monday.. FTP problems, which should have been easy to fix but took longer than expected.. not helped by co-workers who were not only clueless about what to, delayed my processing, but kept harrassing me.. i understand there is life outside of work, but i always thought that if the job calls for you to be there (esp on specified workdays), you need to stay till it’s resolved.. the past few days, i’ve been so surprised at the unwillingness of people at staying when their problems are so numerous.. at least the week is over. but there is an ongoing production problem, which i’ve been “volunteered” to help on.. so depending on if the issue is resolved, i may be logging on this weekend..

on other stuff after about a year, i was finally able to meet up w/my friend julie.. she drove up to old lyme, ct which is about 1 1/2 hr away from danbury.. i drove down after work on friday and we ended up going to mohegan sun.. it’s a casino on an indian reservation.. but looked nothing like what i thought an indian reservation would look like.. it’s a nice casino though.. looks like a big mall with two different gambling floors.. we walked around, had dessert, and played a little of the slot machines..

on saturday, we spent a few hours at the bridal mall and i found 2 dresses, but i definitely need additional feedback, before i can commit to buying it we spent the rest of the day at outlet stores, and then had a “scenic” drive trying to find the vietnam restaurant.. we then walked around the beach area where her friend’s parents lived before i left for home.. all in all, a nice reunion w/a good friend.. we’re planning to meet up again when chesa has some time to come up as well..

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  • me too!  i want to come too!  after december 8 i’m free!

  • i love your page te. great great color scheme!!!!! 

  • woman! why do you insist on not taking your own digipictures?!  have not we learned?  have not we learned?

    woe…oh woe..

  • HII steph!.. just wanted to say hi.. lol ok hope u can come down for bestbuyblackfri cRaze! lol.. bundle up!.. haha k talk to u soon. bye

  • chelle.. chesa’s actually coming up the 22nd.. december seems like it will be a very busy month.

    chesa.. what? what do you mean by not taking my own digipics?  i didn’t have my camera w/me since it was a last moment thing that i ended up driving down..

    alvin.. hahaha.. already planning for the black friday extravaganza, eh? 

  • steph…aw i have work on the 22nd and it’s cynthia’s bridal shower.  can’t make it that day…   maybe next time i guess.

  • tepan, don’t let work get you down.  even if you can’t depend on your co-workers, you’ll still get on top by performing your job the best you can (quoted from HP CEO Carly Fiorina)

    i miss ya much tepan, can’t wait to see you again  🙂

  • hey steph! work sux… i hate mine.. hehe… i’m kinda anxious ’bout the “real world”… in due time… anywhos, i wanna come visit too… but i’m not free till the 3rd week of december you’re gonna be home next week right?.. let’s go watch love actually.. hehe… it’s a nice holiday movie as marchy said… okee… let me know…

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