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sooo..  today is the 12th..  my goodness.. its so close to Valentine’s Day..    and usually for Valentines Day..  I like to write poems to Stephanie..   but every year i end up having writer’s block…    not this year ..   no way..  not when I have all these wonderful thoughts in my head to write.

the poem is going to start like this..

“I poured my love… into this sweatshirt…”

I think its a good start. 

Oh btw..   before i forget to mention..   we have a shuffle in the office..   re-org of the desks..   so i sit in a new workgroup now..  and guess who sits smack right in front of me??   the winner himself..   the guy i have the most trouble with.. because he has an IQ of 4..   and smells like wet sheep.  

i was reading his work..  because I review call management and quality for our platform..   and i swear he was typing with his fist..   if not..  he was just writing gibberish to get something in the call.   i ask him what he meant by everything.. and he just shurgged his shoulders and smiled.. and said.. “I forgot..”    I flat out told him.. no.. because last week he forgot..    I said that we repeat this info at our team meetings..   either you do not listen..  or you don’t understand (which you should say something)..  or you don’t care..  or you don’t know what you are doing..   i asked him to pick..  and he said.. i just forgot..   and I said no… that’s not one of the choices I gave you..   he said.. “I can’t hear sometimes..”  and I said then you better buy yourself a Whisper2000..  and start paying attention…   and i want an explanation of your work..  and if you cannot explain it..  i want you to pretend you know something ..  and just for once do something that will be beneficial to your career.

he said.. huh?   i said..  have you started looking for work elsewhere?  he said yes..  i said..  and they don’t want you because you are stupid or ugly?  he said..  i think stupid..   i said no..  wrong answer.. they don’t want you because you are both..  stupid and ugly.  

oh..  i’ve already recommended to staff that we should get rid of this baggage. 

which is funny.. because i am listening to the song.. Don’t dream its over..   and that means..  once we get rid of this guy..  we have someone to replace him…  i think i already know who this already. 

so work is kind of ..  blah..  =)

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  • it’s hard to get a good job if you’re ugly.

  • chesa..    i wouldn’t know how tough it is..  don’t hate me because I am beautiful. =)

  • i can just picture this conversation.. hahahaha..

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