November 18th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…miss amelia chan…

amelia goes to sam’s house during the day while her parents are working.. which explains why i was able to spend so much time w/her during my canada visit.. the first day i got there, when she first arrived, she stood in the doorway and stared at me for a few seconds.. understandable since kids have short memory spans sometimes.. however, apparently the pekkle game was especially fun for her since she realized the connection to me and from then on, i was considered a playmate..

anyway, yesterday morning, when sam was having his usual morning conversation with her, she said ‘stephanie ley’ translated to ‘where’s stephanie?’  sam and his mom were surprised and were like, ‘what are you talking about?’ and she said ‘you know, upstairs’.. either referring to sam’s picture collection of me or the fact that i took over sam’s room during my visit.. either way, i thought it was cute that she still remembers me.. and more surprising, remembers my name.. since her usual name for me is jiejie ..

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  • he he he. she’s so cute. of course she’ll remember you, you’re her future aunt.

  • yes.. she knows i just smile at her antics and will give in to her demands when sam is not looking.. hahahaha..

  • of course she remembers you…you don’t speak chinese…hahahaha…kidding…

  • aww…cute…

  • awww 😀

  • aw that’s cute steph.   

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