February 18th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

its joe millionaire fever..   i was sooo shocked when zora was picked..    i swear that the blonde girl sarah was the choice..   because evan kept on saying that sarah had the rocket body.

i am sooooo confused now..  where will evan and zora live??  i mean.. she is a substitute teacher in New Mexico..  and Evan is a heavy equipment operator in indiana..   and now they’re $1MIL richer..    I think they should spend it on a very cool computer.

So my question is..   if you had a million dollars..  what would you spend it on?  

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  • tons of degrees.  and that ain’t no 98 degrees either.

  • i know what you’d spend it on.. either a big tv or more computer stuff.. you have to get over the reality shows.. but the “are you hot” show dialogue you did is too funny..

  • marchesa??   you would buy tons of degrees?   no way ..  with 1 million..  you can make them with a fancy printer.

    steph..  what would you get with that money?   would you host a reality show??  I would..  it would be like the bachelor..  but its bachelor with a twist..   they have to pick a weapon..   and fight.   cool..  this is just like my animal wrestling show..  where you tie a piece of meat on a bear’s belly and have rabid wolfs jump at the bear and watch the bear swat away!

  • sam, i don’t think the animal rights people would be happy with that animal wrestling show..

  • i think the animal wrestling show would be a huge hit..   its like AWF..   Animal Wrestling Federation..    

    That would be a very funny show to watch.. =)

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