April 6th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

my goodness..  has it been this long since i last posted??   man..    its april..  and i haven’t written much ..    but i have been swamped at work with administrative things..   that’s one part of the job i do not want. =)

i recently got a job interview to work in the US..   yes..  all the way in Iowa..  the job was ok.. but it was not what i was looking for.  the consulting firm had the gall to think that it was all money base and wouldn’t take no for an answer..  but they also didn’t go high enough for me. =)

on the more serious..   there is a nasty disease floating around.. SARS..   and that’s creepy..  because a lot of events being held in the city are being shutdown due to the disease.

ok..  i do not have much more to add today..  i will see if i got time to write more tomorrow ..  =)

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  • just be careful sam.

    iowa. is that where they grow lichen?

  • Lichens?   i have no idea what they have in iowa..  but i will just say..   its a blue collar town that has never seen a chinese boy before..  i don’t want to be the guinea pig..  =) 

    yes..  SARS is getting creepier and creepier..  i heard they were talking about closing down stuff.  its serious.

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