July 15th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   10 Comments

So I proposed to my longtime girlfriend..  Stephanie … now the real work begins.. A lot of planning needs to be done…   Stephanie and I have a lot of key decisions to make now..   like who to not pick to be apart of the wedding party.   Since this is usually a huge headache decision.. and you never want to leave out anyone special and dear to us..   i think steph and i should have a tournament..  nothing too extreme..   probably an arm-wrestling tournament..   girls vs girls.. and guys vs guys..  ok ok..   we’ll make it equal opportunity..   girls vs guys.  

its a happy time for me..  i’m engaged to a very special person..  (special as in loving..  not as in handicapped). 

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Awww…I’m so happy for you two   I will be in the wedding, right?  Just kidding just kidding. 

  • sam.. thanks for the clarification


    Congratulations Sam … *coughs* … *what took you so long?*  LOL

  • yay! congrats congrats! congrats!  maybe now my sister will learn how to cook chinese food.

    when’s the date?

  • ah! my predictions were right – tepan will be the first in our youth to get married. congrats tepan and sam!

  • am so happy for both of yah! God bless.

  • so sam!! what did you ate and drank on that day?

  • when’s the baby due?

  • eww.. marchesa.. you’re so messed up!  what baby!  by the time i have a baby, i expect you to be married you rush everything.. and ask for cooking chinese food, i do.. fried rice and dumplings.. what more could you ask for

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