July 16th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   7 Comments

Wow..   I never knew that an engagement would generate so much fanfare…  thank you for all the well wishes.

The most common question that people had for me was how did i proposed..   what type of planning went into it?    Well..  to tell you the truth..  i had something planned for tuesday (yesterday)..   but did the proposal one day in advance.

I was going to write a poem..   but then I thought..  noo..  that’s a bit corny..   they I was going to send her an e-card at work..   and thought..   what if she doesn’t read it?  so i started to rehearse what I would say..   and when the moment came..   i asked..  the rehearsal did not work.  I was definitely nervous..   what was I suppose to say when I am on one knee??   that I could see up her nose?

so now i have been engaged for 2 days..   I even feel more engaged then yesterday.  =)

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  • why were you nervous?  didn’t my sister write out everything for you to say when you were on bended knee?

  • you would think she would do that, eh??  

    the good news is that she said yes..   because you would think it would be very funny to say no, eh? 

    now the planning all starts. =)

  • when is the big day ehh?

  • The big day??   you mean there is more after the engagement??  =)   Actually..  Stephanie and I have to go thru this info..   when would be the best timeframe..  so there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. =)

  • yeah…preparing for something such as a proposal can never be planned enough…gb

  • prop

  • RutgersPinoy19..   yes..    I had something planned.. but it totally got skewed..  so I did not go with it. Perhaps next time..  whoa!!  i meant..  perhaps I will share the plan with someone else. =)

    Water_Fantasy..  no..  no props involved.

    Cute_Sport23..  the big day??   ugh..  not sure..  =)   you’ll have to find out from Steph.. =)  Stephanie and I will probably have to talk about this sometime next weekend..   don’t worry..   we’ll announce the date soon. =)

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