January 25th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…to august seventh…

according to all my online planning guides, i have 195 days left until sam and my wedding.. but according to my to-do list, there’s still quite a bit to do.. i have the church and reception hall booked, my wedding dress ordered, and the first steps to getting sam over here |his application approved| done.. i’ve been working on the other things like photography , videography , dj, invitations, decorations, flowers, and favors.. i’m mainly focusing on the things that i need to make arrangements with vendors since i have to have all those booked.. it seems like a lot, esp since my officemate lidice is basically done |most of her stuff is going to be handled by one vendor|, i’m feeling pretty good about it.. most of the general decisions are made.. it’s now just carrying it through.. though i doubt it will be as easy to do as it sounds.. be warned that everyone will be “volunteers” around the july/aug time frame..

anyway, in preparation for my wedding, i’ve finally changed my color scheme for xanga.. it’s pretty much the same layout.. i don’t have that much time playing around w/it but at least the color’s changed.. it just took me a while since i’m picky w/stuff like that.. only problem is that sam says he doesn’t see a green color.. maybe it’s just his monitor..

lastly, yesterday, i went to NYC to speak to some photographers.. i met up w/my friend julie and her bf john , who were nice enough to come out in the cold just to help me out.. afterwards, we ended up having dinner at joe’s shanghai restaurant and dessert at sweet-n-tart restaurant .. it was nice, even though it was cold.. it’s been a while since i walked around the city at night w/friends.. thanks jules..

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  • hi steph!!… cute colors.. sage green eh?.. lolz… i’m guessin, i’ll be one of those “volunteers”.. hehehe..

  • whoa. did jules gain weight again?  she looks good tho…

    ps- te, you look so pretty

  • Marchesa..   That’s Julie on the left, eh..  don’t be mistaken since both have straight hair. =)

  • Stephanie..    so under 200 days and its our wedding day…  that’s fantastic..  just a few more things to book.. and we should be well on our way.. right?  =)

  • eww sam.. thanks a lot for the julie comment!

  • What the??   who logged into my account?!?!   I swear..    and how dare they make a comment about Stephanie like that..   just because she is wearing her fancy scarf.. and is only having a coffee for dinner while Julie is hogging the dim sum.

    one of these days.. I am going to have to choose a better password..   i was sure no one would guess this password… that’s it..  new password..  someone logged in to the account..  that’s it. =)

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