August 26th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

well well well…    The Fabila family arrived in Toronto friday morning of last week..   and the two families met up for dinner.   Miss Amelia Chan insisted that she speak english for the evening and threw in a lot of chinese while she was at it.  =)

i wish there were more time to spend together ..  but it was a busy weekend for me.    Had a baseball tournament on saturday..   and not only did i play..  i was a casualty..   hurt my knee and elbow diving into home.   at least i was safe.

ugh..   just started work now..   i’ve never realised just how many stupid people are working for high profiled companies.

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  • hey sam. thanx for the bubble tea. and esp. introducing me to the future president of canada.  goes to show how much smarter she is. she learned more english words that night than i did chinese…hmmmm. sad.

  • hey sam.. the meeting went better than i expected.. but you know me.. such a pessimist at times.. but thanks for dinner.. the best buffet i’ve ever been to.. i think i gained all the weight i lost back.. oh well.. 11 months left..

  • hey sam-i-am.. how’s it going.. you’re getting to be a pretty popular topic of conversation, eh?  during the trip to boston, seemed like you were brought up a number times..

  • hiiii….

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