Baseball season starts!!!

April 3rd, 2006   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

The Major League Baseball season started yesterday with the Indians playing the White Sox. I love baseball.. and yesterday… my little Chi Hong and I watched a bit of baseball.. I am sure he will enjoy the season as it continues..

While we were watching the baseball game.. Chi Hong asked me.. “Daddy?? how come the White Sox are from Chicago? I mean.. I see you wear white socks, but you’re from Canada.” I agreed.. and he then interrupted me and asked.. “How come the other team is also wearing white socks.. and they are called Indians?” I said “the team is known as the Cleveland Indians.. and what they wear is a uniform… so the other team knows who is on their team and who’s not.” then my son asked.. “What’s a Cleveland?” I said.. “that’s a city.” he asked.. “What’s a city?” I said “that’s a place where people live.” he then said.. “I thought that would be a home… so I live in a city? and not a home?” I said “you live in a home that is apart of a big city.” he asked.. “How big of a city? As big as the universe?” I said.. “not that big.. ” He asked.. “as big as Wal-Mart?” I said “slightly bigger than the Wal-Mart.” .. he then said.. “I like Wal-Mart… it has a lot of toys.” I said.. “yes.. they do..” and then my son said.. “when I grow up .. i want to be a Wal-Mart.” I said.. “you want to be a store?” he said.. “no silly daddy.. i want to be as big as Wal-Mart… where you can have a lot of toys.. and that roasted chicken.” I said.. “that’s great.. but you can’t just survive on roasted chicken and toys.. you have to go to school too.” He asked.. “what’s school?” I said.. “its a place where you learn a lot of great things and make a lot of friends.” He asked.. “what do i make these friends out of?” I said.. “no.. friends are people.. and they are nice to you and you can play and have fun together.” he then asked.. “Are you my friend daddy?” I said.. “Of course I am.” He asked.. “is mommy my friend too?” I said.. “of course mommy is your friend.” he asked.. “how many friends can i have?” I said.. “you can have as many as you want.. as long as they are nice to you and you enjoy each other’s company.” He asked.. “I don’t have a company.. I just have my family.” I said.. “well your family is company.. and we love being with you. Do you love being with us?” He goes.. “I love spending time with my family. I love you, Daddy.. What’s the score in the game?” I said .. “0-0.. its scoreless.” He goes.. “Who’s winning?”

Such an interesting day with my little baby boy. =)

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  • ksam. i could read those conversations for hours. you really should write children’s books. i would totally buy them. or at least have a separate blog of samsam adventures.

  • hmm.. i see i am becoming outnumbered in what we’ll be watching these next few months..

  • caught you on xtracker. hit me back<3

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