November 15th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

Today is my last day at Sterling Forest before I fly back to Toronto..    Some good news came out of this trip..   Stephanie and I finally have a date set.

Also..   watched Matrix Revolution ..   with Stephanie at pallisades..   this was definitely a much better movie ..   you really lose thought that you were in a matrix.   The first one..  you were like..  “wake up??   following the white rabbit??..   blue pill ..  red pill??  i need guns.”   the second one was like.. “What if i fail?  then zion will fall….    the machines are digging straight for zion.”    the third..   it was all..  “i can stop him.”    see..   the development of Neo..  from a confused lad in the matrix..  to the confused lad out of the matrix..  to the gambler and confident super hero in the third?   

Steph and I also watched Finding Nemo on DVD..   finally..  this was a good movie..  but I like Monsters Inc more.

After all the movie watching..    its time for Stephanie and I to decide on other components to our wedding..    we looked at some invitations..  (you think people would be offended by evites??) =) ..   we are looking into ..  dresses..  not me..   no no..   I am not looking at dresses…  as for myself..  i am a bit worried about my job..  and whether i can relocate or get something i enjoy doing..  I mean..  I can open a bubbletea store..  and just look pretty behind a counter..  but that just will be wasteful of my university degree.   another thing i have been looking at for is a place to stay..   when it comes to homes and places..  i never realised that i am an extremely picky person..    is it the feng shui? 

in anycase..   its just 9.5 months to go..    whoo hoo..   then i will be married.

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  • all of it seems pretty weird huh sam?  including my sister?

  • AWWW. sam “takeshi kaneshiro” ng will be my brother in law.. werrrrd. haha. i love reading your comments.

    this is funny: http://www.asksnoop.com

    that’ll make you hip. fo’ shizzle.

  • congrats….it’ll all come together in the end

    so clark kent? ha ha ha…wasnt trying to be. 🙂 but thanks for visiting. howve you been?

    God bless.

  • hahaha.. your entry cracked me up… hi sam *waves… finally set the date.. kewl kewl..

    i still have yet to see finding nemo…

    you know what, i was seriously thinking of opening up a bubble tea place in AC… that would be kewl.. but then, like you said, it’s a waste of a degree.. i’m in debt with loans.. and i’m thinking if i sell $3 bubble tea, i would hafta sell 10,000 of them at least to get even.. but then with taxes and stuff plus payment for my employees if i have any, i would hafta sell alot more… it bites… but it would have been a lovely idea tho.. hehe….

    so dresses eh?… hehe

  • hey sam.. yes.. 9.5months left.. exciting times, eh?  so did you have your potential groomsmen compete yet?

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