February 4th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   4 Comments

…when will it all end…

this morning, like every weekday morning, i got up and prepared to go to work.. i got as far as my parking but was unable to go further due to last night’s snow/sleet/rain.. i saw the ice on the ground but didn’t think much of it.. however, when i backed up.. i couldn’t get my car to go foward.. my car apparently is not equipped for icy conditions.. but thankfully, someone came and helped to push my car back to my parking space..

oh well.. i guess i’ll be working from home today.. i can’t wait until spring.. it seems like there’s a “system” every week, if not every few days.. and another one is set to come thurs/friday.. hopefully it won’t interfere w/the weekend plans..

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  • yeh..  its pretty icy everywhere, eh??   becareful of that…  its that you slipping around on skates? =)

    good thing you had the help rolling the car back..   it was very slippery here..  and i just spun the car the direction i want to go in..  hehe..  good thing not many people around. =)

  • hey ateh stephanie..thanx 4 da birthday greetin..ummm niceee xanger…itz cute. l0l..well cya wen i c yah!! God Bless………

  • Hey hey … i found you… how are you???

    stephanie <><

    hope you remember me… i’m Cathy’s daughter… we used to visit from IBF Pastor Manau ….

  • WOW. you’re engaged too??? when’s your big day?Our wedding date is May 29th… yikes… it’s 3 months away.

    so good to hear from you… how all is well! please give a big mmmuahh hi there to all.

    miss those days!

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