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February 26th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…a synopsis of the past few weeks…

well, the past few weeks have definitely been exciting and filled w/news.. i’ve been occupied w/work [somewhat a usual occurrence] as well as preoccupied w/some wedding activities but now that i have a few minutes, i thought i’d at least blog a little bit, even if it is a bit delayed..

first, CONGRATULATIONS to chesa and perze on their engagement.. i remember chesa used to say she’d be the one to get married last or not marry at all.. but i’m happy for you guys.. enjoy your time being engaged.. there’s plenty of time for the business of the planning.. congrats, again..

second, birthday greetings to cecilia, aia, alvin, kim, and amelia.. i never realized how many birthdays there were this month.. but happy birthday..

anyway, although i haven’t been able to spend much time w/friends in SJ, i’ve actually been good this month and spent time w/friends i haven’t seen in a while.. last week, i had dinner w/james and liza, the only filipinos i know in the area.. it was a nice change from my usual solitary dinners.. james is mr. popular and is the filipino version of kevin bacon |ie, james’ degrees of separation|.. and liza likes to make fun of james and his bath&body works fetish..

last thursday, i met w/my old coworkers since my friend adrienne is moving to chicago.. she has a new position where she’ll be traveling to 21 countries for one year.. my other friend is moving to san jose, ca.. all i want to know is, how do i sign up for these jobs..

sunday, i finally met up w/cecilia, susie, and maryann.. it seems like we see each other around the same time.. jan-feb timeframe.. but it’s always great seeing them and talking about our HS days and catching up.. we went to alice’s tea cup, wandered the new mall, and then chilled w/coffee and cake.. i’ll have to post pics when cecilia finally finds time to send them to me..

anyway, i’ll be home this weekend.. i’d love to see the passion..  i’ve been looking forward to it and have been tempted to just go.. maybe there’ll be time this weekend, but i’m not sure what the plans are.. hopefully i’ll see it as well as get to see everyone.. it’s been a while..

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  • that was the longest blog you’ve ever written te…
    as for passion. ya. i want to take mom…but also at a time when the kids can come too…cuz they want someone to take them

  • of course it was the longest.. it’s been a while.. did you notice?

  • thnaks steph. i jsut saw your comment..hehe

  • hi steph….sorry i didn’t call you back the other day.  i didn’t even realize i had voicemail messages til tonight.  stupid phone…i can’t wait to get a new one. 

  • Hey sweet thang! congratulations again! it’s so cool isn’t it? everyone is getting married… yay!

    we’re going to Key west. maybe if you all come down to the south for your honeymoon, you could stop by in Atl. and visit…

    when’s your wedding?

    with much love, stephanie <

    press on!

  • thanx steph!..i appreciate it=)

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