December 7th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

The snow just dropped all day yesterday..   and on friday..   gosh friday’s commute was horrible.   I drove to work early..  I worked 2nd shift..   so I had to be in at 4pm..  but luckily I left the hotel at 2pm..   and got to work early..  the snow soon came afterwards.   I brought a change of clothes to work and had a sleeping station ready in case I got snowed in.    Well..   I should have definitely stayed at work that evening..  The road getting out of work was not ploughed..  and all I saw was white flakes hitting the windshield..  and white roads..   nothing else..   no lights to help me..    and when I think back..   i didn’t know whether i drove straight or whatever.   Thank goodness I got home ok.. 

I stayed in the hotel all day Saturday..   the bigger storm hit all day saturday..   and I walked from the hotel to the gas station saturday evening to get a snow scraper..     i drove the car quickly around the parking lot to make a few donuts in the snow.

Sunday morning..  had to be in work early (8am)..  I left at 5:45am..   and got to work at about 6:30am..     just in case the roads were bad..   i wanted to make sure I had enough time to get in.   again..  the road leading to work..   Long Meadow..   was definitely not ploughed. =)    I brought some change of clothes again..  but hopefully all will be better this afternoon when i go home.

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  • wow. lotta snow…and a lotta clothes…

  • hey sam.. gotta be careful.. i know how you drive on normal roads.. so go slow.. plus, there are all those friendly deer out there.. your favorite friends..

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