December 23rd, 2003   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

Xanga sucks..  I had a long update..  and it did not record it..   forget this stuff.. i gues they just want me to update to that silly premium xanga.

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  • sam, merry christmas!!!!!!  thank you for the lovely present.  i really love it…cuz i walked into target looking attractively at the same frame too!!!  and wham, it became a present for me this christmas. thank you sam!  God bless you sam. i hope it was a good christmas celebration this year.

  • merry christmas, sam.. thanks for the jacket.. now i can be cool..

  • Perze..  =)   yes..  it was a very amusing conversation I had with a co-worker.  I wish I saved it before I submitted.

    Marchesa..   no probs on the frame..   when I walked into target..  I was thinking..   that is the frame that marchesa would absolutely like.. and i wonder if she will be surprised to get that on Christmas!   whoo hoo!!  surprise!

    Stephanie..   the jacket..   yes..   and there is a secret pocket for your cheerios. =)  just like Amelia’s jacket.

  • of course.. gotta have a place for the cheerios..

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