March 24th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   12 Comments

…a mini mini blog..

i’m inundated w/work these days and haven’t had time to properly write a blog.. and even though i still don’t have the time, i thought i’d update at least a little to keep up to date..

03.23     happy anniversary to my parents..

i’m still waiting for my DSL.. it’s been 6 weeks.. but apparently, there was an unexplainable situation w/their system which froze my order.. luckily, sam , has been hounding them on my behalf and they’ve manually pushed my order through.. hopefully it should arrive w/in the next week..

as for work, it’s difficult juggling what seems to be 3 different hats.. my mind sometimes gets discombobulated w/all the things i have to do.. it seems like i’m running around all day, trying to get everything done.. i’m taking tomorrow off |and hopefully fri if i can arrange it| so today’s a busy day..

also, as a side note.. anyone want to be the american candidate ?  saw this posted on hotjobs..  

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  • happy happy burpday to you …

    happy bert day to you

    happy but day, happy birfday

    happy christmas and a happy new year.

    **********************next song**********
    nothing but a birthday cake
    i’ve never felt so crazy old
    the way that i do now
    i can do anything birthday
    knowing you’ll catch me right before i hit the ground

    *******************next song************
    this one is in canadian:

    how old are you now (eh?)
    how old are you now (eh…)
    how old are you now (eh!)
    how old are you now (canada!)
    ************last song*******************
    who’s that girl? la la la la la la
    who’s that girl? la la la la la la
    who’s that girl? (it’s good in shangrala)
    who’s that girl? (i hate tarantulas)

    thank you.
    happy birthday te.

  • HAPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! wish you all the best steph!!!… i’ll give you a call later!

  • jus wanted to wish you a very very very happy birthday! take care and have a good one steph!


    see yah this weekend Tepan………………………

  • have a blessed birthday steph…we are blessed because you are here…God bless always

  • just wanted to wish you a very blessed day and i hope that you are able to take time to enjoy it, savor it but most of all “soak” in it…that’s when you get to contemplate on what has happened in the past year and what is to BE this gift of another year added to your life. my birthday wish for you is for God to be able speak to your life as you prepare for a new and exciting season. happy birthday steph!


  • ummmm…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! hope u hav fun n enjoy.

  • heyy ateh stephanie! happy happy happy birthday to you! wow..ur gettin YOUNGER!! haah..kiddin…i also lik ur xanger! its soo cute! l0l…well jus greetin u..byez

  • hb steph   🙂

    you know i love ya.  well considering the circumstances, i suppose i have to get you a gift this year eh?  (heh, remember that?)

  • ey yo, steph… i didn’t kno it was your birthday today… so HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! wishing all your dreams come true and hope you have a great day… God bless -k-

  • happy birthday steph!!!

  • Happy Happy Joyful Birthday sweet sister in the family of God…

    I pray our Lord may add many many more Spirit filled years to you…

    be overwhelmed with the Love our Lord has for you,


    He rejoices over you with singing! zeph3/17

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