December 26th, 2003   Sam   Xanga   8 Comments

Boxing Day today..    yesterday was Christmas.. =)

spent the day working on my computer..    I lost a hard drive..   ouch..  36GB down the toilet..   so I had to replace it with a 18GB one I had lying around.   Currently re-formatting the sucker..    and now as I format it..  I think another is failing..   that sucks more.    I dunno how many of these replacements I have.

I will take it out of the tray and see if the other one is any better.

other than computer..    what else did I do??   opened some presents..   got clothing from my sisters..  and a Samsung Yepp from my sister..   was never a big music person..   but the Yepp is cool..   would be very useful when I go jogging or work out.

This will be my last Christmas with my family..  as the move south should be happening soon.   I will be honest and I am not looking forward to that as there are so many things here in Toronto that I will miss…  but choices had to be made..  so should not be too bad..   I can always just pretend I am in Canada, eh?

Last night..  for Christmas dinner..  went to my sister’s place..   saw my two nieces..   the first thing Amelia said was .. “Merry Christmas” in Chinese..  and then said.. “Di di di Dora!”  and showed me her Dora the Explorer doll.. and then she proceeded to giggle like crazy.  I kept the babies out of the kitchen as my sister prepared the dinner…   my other sisters helped wherever necessary… but this was daiga’s dinner..  she had things timed.

Watched World Idol..   and must admit ..  Ryan Malcolm did a lot better than what we expected..   but I must admit..  Guy from Australia was very good..   him and Kurt from Norway. 

Anyhow..  just waiting for a co-worker to drop off the oncall pager kit..    I go oncall for the week coming up..    including New Years Day.

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  • hi sam.. glad to know that you had a good christmas.. so you spent last night playing w/amelia and amanda, eh?  why am i not surprised.. 🙂  don’t worry about the move.. think of all the cheaper computer parts you can buy..

  • =)  Cheaper computer components are here in Canada. =)  and now I am missing that too..   you laying the gravy on a little thick here, eh? =)

  • hahahaha.. then why do you seem to buy quite a bit of electronics here then?

  • who knows..  =)   i just computer parts. =)  

  • merry christmas sam!

  • ya. we missed world idol sam. i didn’t care too much for it since aiken wasn’t in it.

  • Marchesa..  hehe..  yeh..  but it wasn’t really a showcase for the singers..   i think it was more of which judge can be the most nastiest.  no one idol actually did very well.

  • ate and sam. waht is this? tag team couple commenting?  i see what you’re doing…i looked at chelle’s page and saw that you commented one after the other…and now on mine?  wait til perze hears about this.

    ps- sam: ya. i thot about clay aiken, but then if he and Jesus were to duke it out for first place, i’m sure plague wins over a mic any day…


    anyways, there was this one guy who actually said, “buffy the vampire slayer”…gee, like clay aiken could’ve taken her anyday….

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