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…a little picture collage of my bday weekend…

thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and greetings.. i know it’s been a week since but i’ve been running around trying to get a lot of things done and just haven’t had the time to update.. my bday was spent mainly at palisades where we stuffed ourselves at a brasilian buffet, watched 50 first dates, and then dinner at cheesecake factory .. friday was spent driving to jersey and then had a big dinner w/the family |minus kris plus sam & perze|..

saturday morning, sam & i talked to the reception hall coordinator to discuss the reception dinner selections and then that afternoon, we drove my parents to the philly airport before heading to manila bay .. and we ended the night w/ bubble tea and school of rock at our house.. it seems as if i miss the big events these days so i don’t get to see everyone, but thanks rog, lei, and jake for coming along and also for the presents..

sunday, sam & i were supposed to do counseling w/pastor ding, but due to unforseen circumstances, that was put on hold til the next time sam comes down.. i guess it was a good thing |time wise| as i didn’t get back to danbury until almost 1am..

anyway, please pray for my parents are they are away at the philippines.. also, please pray for sam & i as we are working through his immigration application..

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  • heheheh. funny pictures.

  • cute pix te…i like how you did do you tilt the boxes?

  • hey day.. my se-cret.. j/k.. edit – transform – rotate

  • hey steph … sounds like u have a lot of fun for your bday. brasilian buffet, how was it? i never had brasilian food, was it a spicy. i went to the cheesecake factory in chicago, was there one in jersey or philly. we will be praying for your parents, sam! GB

  • This is such a cool posting..  the coolest one you ever posted.   So..  on my birthday..   can we go to a baseball game..  and make fun of the bad players?

  • hey kristine, thanks for your prayers..

    regarding the buffet, i highly recommend it.. they had this area where it’s like normal buffet and they had stuff laid out.. but then they come around to your table every few minutes with different kinds of meat.. it was sooo good, but i’d suggest going during lunch though, as it gets a little pricey..

    the cheesecake factory we went to was in ny.. it’s the only one we’ve actually been to as every time we go to other ones, it seems like the wait is way too long..

  • kewl pix steph will be prayin for you guys…

  • hi steph.. just wanted to say happy belated.. sorry so late.. =T i hope u had a great birthday.. see u soon

  • hi

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