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ok..   it’s been months since my last posting..    and the reason..  i have have been swamped at work..    my team knows of my departure to the US.. and they are not taking it well..  so i have been doing a lot of the grunt work..   it hasn’t stooped as low as buying coffee for the team..  but oh well..   can’t help it.  

the good news is that there is a possibility that i will be heading south with a job..  so i’ll keep my fingers crossed on that.

i will be working tonight from 11pm to 3am at a customer’s site..   this situation has gotten very ugly..   so it is not a surprise the focus by mgmt to get this resolved.    i am doubtful it will be fixed tonight..  as this customer neglects to recognise the fact that bugs happen.. and they cannot panic for the sake of panicking.

i ruffled a few feathers by insisting that the big pow wow meeting happen at 3am sunday morning..  as i think mgmt thinks its ok to get people to work round the clock.. but not good for them to wake up from their beauty sleep.   so i plan on being late for the noon meeting on sunday just for kicks.   in fact..   i may have slurred speech for fun. =)

i spoke to my team lead.. and told him that this problem is a waste of time..  and our hands are tied when it comes to this customer..   they have no beef as they are trying to fix something without telling us what it is.   they continually say something is broken but want us to tell them what it is without providing us any results that there is a problem or access to see the system logs.    but because they screamed..  my mgmt has pushed it upon us to resolve something that is unresolvable..  i wrote a note that i cannot resolve something that is not resolvable..  because the customer would never fire their mgmt and decision makers.

well..  i will have to rest big time to try to stop myself from falling asleep at the customer site this evening..  the good thing is ..  i can always insist on free food. =)

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  • hey bro in law to be…. sorry you have such a late/early meeting…hahaha…that would be funny if you came in with slurred speech.  maybe add some saliva to authenticate the situation…hahahahahaha

    later sam. take care…perze and i are praying about your jobby job…he’s in the same bind somewhat…

  • hey you.. sorry i bugged you quite a bit today, eh?  but see, i’m being good w/the ordering and stuff.. see how handy i can be to have around anyway, hopefully all will be well.. or go away regarding the client.. don’t dwell on it too much..

  • i was at a meeting from 1 to 3..  to talk about when to have the next meeting..  what a waste of time.

  • nice.. good to know the mgrs know how to effectively manage your time..

  • the meeting was..  “So..  when can we have the next meeting??”   I said.. “what’s this meeting about?”   the customer said.. “its to see how we can architect our setup for the next meeting.”    I said.. “Are you joking?  or is this a meeting about wasting my time?”   They said.. “don’t you like planning on plans that need planning?”   I said “Isn’t there already suppose to be a plan for this planned meeting?  Or are we planning on planning that plan and then plan on the next planned meeting?”   They said.. “We lost you after you said planned.”  I said.. “Is it because you guys don’t plan stuff?”  They said.. “we’re not effective at planning.. but we plan on being better at planning.. at least that is what we plan on doing.”    So 2 hours later..  and the word plan used about 6000 times..  someone had the guts to say.. “excuse me??  so is this all planned?”   The head guy said.. “we’re you listening to our planning session?”  

  • hahahaha!! so everything’s planned now?  or are they still planning the plan?

  • did anyone say leche flan?

  • no.. we said your butt flan.. hahahaha..

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